Outside Sources

As Rumi said: “There is no news.” In order for there to be news, the news has to be generated. Otherwise, there is very little reason for an individual to know what goes on in the lives of others. To constantly know what is going on in the lives of others equates to spying and stalking. People are virtually identical in their daily matters and the workings of their lives, despite their cultural and linguistic differences. As long as there is security (military and police) in a society and an independent court system that can address people’s complaints and disputes, everything else falls into place peacefully without anything being “newsworthy.” That is why I usually keep my television on mute and in the background during the day.

            Aside from the occasional flare-ups of fighting that occur within the international system – which can now be put out through the sheer volume of information and pressure that can be brought to bear on people through the internet and social media – there isn’t much going on in the world. After twenty years of American global hegemony – which was a policy that has now failed – the only thing that is perhaps worthy of elevated inquiry and scrutiny is the rise of China. As Rumi said, if you want to know how the world works, learn from the Chinese.

            Through the sheer pressure of the internet and social media, Israel recently had to replace a warmongering prime minster and government (Netanyahu) with a government and leadership apparatus that was more appealing to the world and to its own people from an optics and public relations perspective. This goes to show that things are adjusting to the plan quicker than before.

            In sum, there is a plan from above that has to be implemented here on earth. As stated in Matthew 6:10 – “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.” There are those who know the plan (“Arif”) and there are those who don’t. People who know the plan (I personally know some of these people) can tell you what will happen ahead of time. I was told that planes would eventually be grounded and people would be put into lockdown in August 2018. At most, the ones who know the plan are perhaps 4,000 in number. Everyone else – in other words, 7.6 billion people – have no idea what is going on. They cannot differentiate appearance from reality, nor are most people aware of cause and effect. Thus, the media comes in and shapes both appearance and notions of reality for these people. Also, the media tries to determine cause and effect in order to shape reality. Thus, what appears through government and media channels is merely appearance, with a questionable relationship to reality and a questionable relationship to cause and effect.

            When you know cause and effect, you get a logically holistic understanding of the international system and thus you can differentiate between appearance and reality. Without an understanding of cause and effect, you have a logically atomistic understanding of the international system and thus your understanding of the international system is chaotic and fragmented. Nor can you differentiate appearance from reality with a logically atomistic understanding of the international system. Thus, in order to have a logistically holistic understanding of the international system, you need to know the plan. And in order to know the plan, you need a book and oeuvre. Where is your book?

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