Fog of War

The war against Donald Trump on the part of the American government and mainstream media started in December 2015, when Trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition that he could not be bought off: “Stupidly, you want to give money…You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money.” After that, the writing was on the wall, and the government and mainstream media began a “Jihad” of sorts against a man who vowed to shake the system after two failed wars and a financial crisis that had global implications. Trump’s “Jihad” against the government and mainstream media, and in turn the government and mainstream media’s “Jihad” against Trump, are ongoing phenomena. Thus, it is not out of context to bring up the source of the war between Trump and the “Iron Triangle” in Washington, which comprises of the bureaucracy, the establishment class of the two major political parties, and the mainstream media.

As the American writer Dale Carnegie once said: “Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you. Be afraid of the friends who flatter you.” That is essentially the difference between Trump – the enemy who confronts you directly – and establishment figures like Joe Biden who flatter you but are worse than Trump when it comes to espousing “Social Darwinism” and undermining the standing and welfare of those who are affected by American and Zionist hegemony.

Trump confronted everyone, but in reality, his war was against entrenched interests in Washington that spoke of values and morality when in reality they have none. As one Spanish proverb puts it: “Tell me what you brag about, and I will tell you what you lack.” And as Sigmund Freud said: “Who lacks sex – speaks about sex, hungry talks about food, a person who has no money – about money, and our oligarchs and bankers talk about morality.” Again, as mentioned before, the key is to know cause and effect, appearance versus reality, and to overcome the obfuscations as well as the smoke and mirrors that establishment figures and the mainstream media put in front of your eyes in order to create cognitive dissonance.

It is not easy to overcome the cognitive dissonance that the establishment class and the mainstream media project and to speak clearly and simply about the realities of international affairs to people around the world. For one, to speak clearly and simply about international affairs requires rich self-education, complex life experiences, and travel. The more you know, the more you are able to simplify things. The key is to simplify the obfuscations and smoke and mirrors of Washington so that people understand the problem and thus the solution to the problem.

In essence, when you have a big and unwieldy government that does global damage and gives nothing to its taxpayers in return, what you need to do is cut down and slim down the son of a bitch. But again, because of obfuscation and smoke and mirrors, Joe Biden will convince you that you need to pay more taxes, not less. In the end, there are no good choices when you are in an economic, political, and social climate that is dictated by a corrupt establishment class with a history of war crimes that is arrogant and hubristic on one hand, and an isolationist, populist, and xenophobic class on the other hand. But as Dale Carnegie said, it may be better to deal with the enemy that confronts you directly rather than the so-called friend who flatters you with questionable intent.  

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