God, Gold, and Glory

David Bohm, who was one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century and was of American Jewish origin, argued that the international system is most likely on course for a breakdown for perhaps two reasons. For one, the system was on path dependency, and this path dependency is what sets the system on course for a disaster. Second, the individual or the crucial piece of information that the individual carries which in turn would take the system off path dependency and off the course towards disaster was not there.

            Still, even in the 21st century, we do not see an offramp away from path dependency and towards a course correction in the international system. Nor is there an individual which Bohm alluded to who could provide crucial information that would take the international system towards course correction and an offramp away from path dependency. Primarily, the path dependency is fostered by cursed dark money. What brought about the fall of Kabul to the Taliban was cursed aid money.

            What may bring about the fall of Washington to populists is cursed dark money. And unfortunately, for some people, taking the cursed dark money isn’t enough. When they take the cursed dark money – as in the case of those in Afghanistan – they also want fame and glory. Those who take cursed dark money have to show off the fact that they have cursed dark money. That is perhaps the thing that stirs indignation on the part of those like myself who have witnessed these things over the course of our lives. And once these people get the glory and fame after the cursed dark money, then lust kicks in, and then they end up like Andrew Cuomo. Cursed dark money can also explain why Barack Obama and his wife are always depressed these days.

            Money has to be pure and it has to be generated from clean work, not from drug trafficking and usury as it pertains to the cursed dark money that floats around in Washington. Thus, money has to have what Muslims call “Barakah,” or blessings from God, in order for the money to be sustainable in the long run and to bring long-term prosperity. People like myself who avoid Washington avoid it because of the cursed dark money that floats around. As mentioned before, some people take the cursed dark money as a conduit first for glory and fame, and then lust. Better to have modest and sustainable passive income in the suburbs from real estate that was earned from decades of clean and hard work than to touch easy and cursed dark money in Washington that comes from either drug trafficking, usury, or the usurpation of American taxpayer money, and then face misfortune for the rest of your life.

            Rations of cursed dark money that goes around in Washington comes to a large extent from the Rothschilds, and the Rothschilds made their money through centuries of usury and collecting interest in Europe. Native Europeans would not go into banking, because they believed prestige and social status came from owning land, not banking. Moreover, North Korea, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, Guinea, and Tunisia all decided in the 21st century that they do not want cursed dark money and yet they have still managed to survive. In fact, because of cursed dark money, America has gotten weaker in the 21st century, whereas Russia and China have gotten relatively stronger.

            People can be paid cursed aid money or cursed dark money. But ultimately, people cannot be bought, because human minds cannot be controlled by other human beings through military force, cursed dark money, or propaganda. There is a greater power that controls people’s minds. One can attempt to influence people’s minds through sharing information and knowledge in order to shape perception, and in turn perception can shape people’s actions, speech, and thoughts. But minds cannot be controlled by other minds, even if you bring to bear military force, dark money, or propaganda. There is a force and power greater than a military, cursed dark money, and media outlets in Washington which controls the international system, the cosmos, and the universe. And despite the experience in Afghanistan, this is a reality that perhaps Washington has yet to reckon with.

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