Clash of Empires

Why one can assume with a certain degree of confidence that a shadow empire – a “Solomonic Empire” if you will – which is ruled by psychic and spiritual forces is developing parallel to an American empire that is ruled by dark money (or Rothschild money) is because certain empires have been built without any notion of money whatsoever. The Inca built the largest empire in South America without any notion of money.

            Moreover, as we saw by virtue of Afghanistan, dark money leads to the collapse of an empire or society, not its rise. Thus, as long as dark money is in the picture, we can expect the decline of an American empire that is ruled by dark money on one hand, and the rise of a shadow empire – or “Solomonic Empire” – without any notion of dark money on the other hand.

            Countries like North Korea, China, Russia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Guinea, and Tunisia all decided in the 21st century that they were going to wean themselves off dark money for the sake of order and stability in their societies. Perhaps more countries will follow, once they realize that dark money is directly correlated with volatility and instability, as was demonstrated in Afghanistan over the course of the last two decades.

            The big fish that will have massive implications in the global resistance against dark money will be the United States. We saw the upsurge of resistance against dark money in the United States with Donald Trump, by virtue of his frequent attacks on the Federal Reserve. Although no one is fully certain as to who it is behind the buoying of the Federal Reserve, one can assume that it is Rothschild money – thus, dark money – to a large extent. The face of the dark money cabal at the Federal Reserve is Janet Yellin at the moment.

Control of the dark money empire means control of the money supply. Infinite credit is the primary means of control. Also, as the world’s reserve currency and the primary currency for transactions, the American dollar is a floating currency. Rather than being valued based on concrete and material things, a floating currency like the American dollar is valued subjectively, thus the volatility and instability in many places. As a result, a number of countries have weaned themselves off dark money for the sake of order and stability in their societies. Europe seized control of its own banking system after World War II when it experienced the volatility and instability associated with dark money rule. Productivity, growth, and something concrete has to underpin the economy rather than a floating currency controlled by a dark money cabal if a society wants order and stability.

            As a result, many countries have explored alternatives to the U.S. dollar as the primary tool for transactions. The European Union voiced a desire to shift away from the U.S. dollar as the primary tool for transactions after the United States withdrew from the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ and decided arbitrarily that it was going to punish anyone who does business with Iran, even though Britain, Europe, Russia, and China all want to do business with Iran. Thus, many countries want to wean themselves out of dark money rule because they do not want to be arbitrarily punished for doing business with countries just because a dark money cabal in Washington does not like those countries. Thus, an “international abandonment” of dark money rule is in the works, although it is gradual and slow and will take time to come to full fruition.  

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