The Future Is Asian

For folks who are familiar with the chronology of World War l, the culmination of the war occurred in France during the final year of the war. The culmination of the war was highlighted by both the “Schlieffen Plan,” which was a military offensive devised by German military generals in order to induce the fall of France, as well as the allied counterattack which thwarted the ‘Schlieffen Plan.’

Ferdinand Foch, a French general, coordinated the allied response to the ‘Schlieffen Plan’ during the final stages of the war. What Foch demonstrated was that one ploy or tactic can thwart a big and overbearing strategy or operation on the part of a powerful force. Essentially, Foch allowed the advancement of German forces into France in order to create an imbalance between advancing forces and their supplies. Once Foch fostered that imbalance, he initiated the singular counterattack that brought about the surrender of German forces and ultimately an end to the war.

Although militaries, money, and propaganda are tools used in the way of politics and power, the source of politics and power is psychological. Thus, victory in politics and power comes down to psychological fortitude and forward thinking. The one ploy or tactic that may be able to undermine corruption and dark money rule of the international system down the road is the “Petro-Yuan.” Environmentalists in Europe have not been able to stop extreme weather phenomena there. Nor has a populist surge stopped in the United States. Moreover, homes cannot be heated, stoves cannot be fueled, and cars cannot operate off “unicorn piss,” according to one American senator.

Thus, the end of a corrupt dark money cabal that employs black magic and shoos women away from the Western Wall while praying that the “Second Coming” never happens may perhaps be induced by a creative device or tool known as the “Petro-Yuan.” Weaning off corruption and dark money rule is a lot like weaning off a cruel, corrupt, and heartless woman that is ageing and is only getting worse (I won’t name names). It’s a difficult and painful choice, but it’s necessary for one’s survival and welfare.

Moreover, the “Petro-Yuan” — if it ever does come into existence — will not be an overnight phenomenon. It will take time, as does any other tectonic shift in the international system. Rome was not built overnight, as the saying goes. Thus, no one knows whether the “Petro-Yuan” will come to fruition. And if the “Petro-Yuan” does come to fruition, it will be a long run phenomenon, not a short-term breakthrough. And it may all come down to 2023, when Turkey decides the fate of the Bosporus Strait and thus its geopolitical alignment.

There are lots of moving parts which may not take the “Petro-Yuan” very far, but at the same time these moving parts may actually come together to make it happen. Eurasian integration is perhaps the end goal or the objective that may foster the creation of a “Petro-Yuan” on the Eurasian landmass. The strategy may bridge itself to the objective. As opposed to a transactional tool that is valued subjectively and is backed by a corrupt cabal and a dysfunctional state, the “Petro-Yuan” is something that is valued off something concrete and material and is rising gradually and slowly because of the psychology and forward thinking behind it. Anything can happen.

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