The White Man’s Burden

When I reflect on some of my recent blog posts, it may perhaps be the case that some of my readers would interpret some of my comments as having misogynistic or anti-Semitic overtones. One of my readers reached out to me today, and she said that I have changed a lot since I first met her, which was in 2015. But if my readers were to actually meet me, or if my readers were to meet some of the people who know me, whether they were old friends or professors or teachers, you would get the real picture as to who I am and what I stand for.

I do not consider myself misogynistic. I have a mother, a wife, a sister, friends, and mentors who are female, and I love them. What I am against, however, are certain women or certain individuals who are hypocritical, who lie, and play games despite their age. I won’t name the individual or the individuals I am referring to. In the beginning, you want to meet them and get to know them in order to see what they are about because they decided to engage you. But with time, you get the sense – whether correctly or incorrectly – that they are merely hypocritical liars who play games because they have nothing better to do. Thus, you lose the desire to engage with them, and you wonder what their motives were for playing games.

My best friend as a child was Jewish. I would celebrate Hanukkah with other children in school, and as an American you realize that the diversity and richness of our social fabric is what makes being an American worthwhile in addition to being an immense privilege. Witnessing that a singular government policy – namely, American global hegemony – spawned by a cabal of religious fanatics in 2001 is breaking down the social fabric of the country you were born in and were raised in and love does serve as a reasonable impetus for engagement and dialogue with others in your society, even if you may not deal with them directly. Plus, in this day and age, you can engage with others in your society without direct engagement, whether it is through a blog or social media. The point is to engage, and to have a dialogue with people in your society, so that people understand that a singular policy which favors only a few individuals has long-term negative consequences for society as a whole.

Aside from society on a domestic level, there is now a society that is international in scope due to globalization, interconnection, and interdependence. Thus, you will end up having to engage with individuals in a society that is global in scope, and there may be global solutions to problems that one must contrive with people in international society which affect all countries, such as climate change, overpopulation, nuclear weapons, poverty, and public health. Even though international conferences such as the G20 may have been futile in the past, in this day and age, these international conferences might have some utility, because absent of a global consensus on global issues, people will take matters into their own hands. And when people take matters into their own hands, the implications and the outcomes can be intense.

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