The Prince

On a broader level, the expediency with which the issue of climate change is being dealt with by Western countries, as well as the rush to find ways of developing “green jobs” and “sustainability” is due to a mindset of “de-coupling” from the East on the part of the West. Essentially, the West – after decades of failed wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, as well as a global financial meltdown which in turn led to the rise of Donald Trump, the resurgence of Russia, the rise of China, and thus Western relative decline vis-à-vis the East – believes that pulling the rug or pulling the chair from under Eastern countries would slow their rise. One of the ways to pull the rug or pull the chair from under Eastern countries is the emphasis on climate change, as well as sanctions and tariffs on countries like Turkey, Russia, Iran, and China.

            But “de-coupling” is easier said than done. We are already seeing the effects of “de-coupling” in many regards. For one, look at gas prices in America these days. In the year 2001, the national average for gas prices in the United States was at around $1.50. Today, the national average for gas prices in the United States is close to $3.50. When you take sanctions on Venezuela, Russia, and Iran into account, you can then understand inflation and the rise in gas prices. Moreover, inflation and supply chain issues are part of a bigger problem, namely, government corruption and mismanagement of world affairs. Focusing on bribery, coercion, and deception rather than finding ways to improve the economy and managing global supply chains leads to the dysfunction we are seeing now with prices and supply chains.

            Thus, amidst an international system that is largely characterized by economic interdependence, the West would lose out more than the East if a decoupling were to occur between both sides. For one, the West is in a state of relative decline due to decades of corruption and war, as mentioned before, whereas the East has the potential to grow and is growing in many regards. As a result, if the West and the East were to go their separate ways, the effects of de-coupling would hit the Western world harder than the East. With a few tactical adjustments, the East can overcome the cruelty and heartlessness of a Western strategy and operation that is aimed at pulling the rug or pulling the chair from under the Eastern world as they seek to realize their growth potential while in a state of development and growth.

            Life experiences, travel, and self-education can shed light on the big picture and thus it spurs the type of analysis that I have provided. As someone who has dealt with individuals (especially women) who try to obstruct your efforts in reaching self-actualization, you can then step into the shoes of those who have wrenches thrown at them as they are approaching self-actualization. In essence, self-actualization means ruling the world. But it is also a grave test which others, including the West, have failed. Thus, the opportunity also comes with immense challenges.

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