We The People

There is perhaps another “false dilemma” which needs to be addressed in addition to the previous “false dilemmas” that were addressed in previous blog posts such as the false dilemma between a critique of the policy known as American global hegemony and anti-Americanism, in addition to the false dilemma between anti-Semitism and an analysis of Israel. One other false dilemma which needs to be addressed is the one between being against the state, and being against an administration that is in power. The foundation of the American state is the ‘Bill of Rights’ and the U.S. Constitution, not the flimsy administration of Joe Biden. Thus, one is to pledge allegiance and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution which encompasses the ‘Bill of Rights,’ not to Merrick Garland or Janet Yellin.

Moreover, the intent behind the U.S. Constitution on the part of the Founding Fathers was to overthrow an absolute monarch who was advancing a policy of British global hegemony. Thus, it is totally American and it is a civic duty as an American to highlight the policy of global hegemony, because that was the intent of the founding fathers when they came up with the ‘Bill of Rights’ and the U.S. Constitution. The intent behind the ‘Bill of Rights’ is to hold people who are in power accountable, without fear of reprisal. Thus, if Merrick Garland and Janet Yellin – as well as the corrupt cabal which put them in power – fear accountability from bloggers and citizens because it undermines the illusion that they are the “Chosen Ones,” they should first fear accountability from their Creator.

When one takes account of the actions and the events which have transpired as a result of American global hegemony, it becomes clear that an analysis and critique of such a policy is totally within the bounds of reason. For one, look at Afghanistan. Bureaucrats who are totally unaccountable to the people spent trillions of dollars and killed thousands – if not millions – of people to advance a policy that has failed. American global hegemony was also the underpinning of the support for Ethiopia for many years. Ethiopia schemed to shut water off to Egypt and Sudan, and now a small rebel group from the north of the country (known as the “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” (TPLF) is laying siege to the capital, Addis Ababa.

As the dominoes fell with British global hegemony and Soviet global hegemony, the dominoes are now beginning to fall after three decades of American global hegemony. The dominoes may fall slower now than when they fell after Soviet global hegemony, but the dominoes are falling nonetheless. This analysis and critique are an analysis and critique of a policy fostered by a government administration. Therefore, the analysis and critique does not amount to challenging the foundations of the state. As mentioned before, the foundations of the state are the ‘Bill of Rights’ and the U.S. Constitution. And the foundation for the foundations was to challenge and highlight the corruption and the abuses of power of an individual or a group of individuals who are advancing a policy of global hegemony.

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