Dolce Vita

Aside from being the primary driver for one’s actions and thoughts, one’s taste is also the primary source of one’s power, or “soft power” if one were to use modern jargon. Taste – and thus “soft power” – is reflected best through one’s choice of food, women, aesthetics, and culture. As the Prophet Muhammad famously said: “The things which are dearest to me are food, women, perfume, and prayer.” As a result, taste can be a means of control or influence over others if cultivated properly and wisely.

            In turn, there is more to the world than ‘Wonder Bread’ and AIPAC. And as mentioned before, you can obtain what you want without having to kill, plunder, and lie. I have gone to the same restaurants, tourist destinations, and have seen the beautiful women that Barack Obama has gone to and seen without inflicting the detrimental effects of American global hegemony on innocent people in the Middle East or having to put up with the cognitive dissonance and pestering of David Axelrod all the time. You can also go to a beach or a sauna or a spa without having to become a corrupt bureaucrat or a politician. I have seen individuals in my community go all the way to Afghanistan to plunder corrupt aid money, only to come back and spend that money on the same restaurants and hookah bars that anyone can go to without plundering corrupt aid money.

            As mentioned before, in order to be successful in having a fulfilling and satisfying life, one’s basic logic and train of thought has to be reversed and flipped on its head. Money and power are not the magnets for a fulfilling life. Rather, it is knowledge and an open mind that attract the good things in life which in turn reflect good taste and thus “soft power.” There are lots of discussions and written material about the famous “Law of Attraction” and how to cultivate the ability to get what you want in life. But ultimately – and as mentioned before – everything revolves around one’s taste in food, women, aesthetics, and culture, and in turn one’s taste is developed through knowledge and an open mind.

            Thus, idealizing white supremacy and running to get the blessing of AIPAC does not reflect good taste. Idealizing white supremacy and running to get the blessing of AIPAC is the one mistake students and young people should avoid when they head to Washington for school or work. I say this from personal experience, rich self-education, and travels to many parts of the world. In the end, idealizing white supremacy and running to get the blessing of AIPAC amounts to bad karma and misfortune. These things are not said whimsically or incredulously. There is a lot of experience and a lot of wisdom that goes behind each of these comments and points of analysis. If one has the knowledge and the mind to overcome the strangulation of white supremacy and AIPAC, good taste and soft power will follow. Thus, the formula is quite simple.

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