Separate But Equal

When neocons began devising their strategy to create chaos and havoc in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and North Africa in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s, the core assumption of their strategy was that the United States would be immune and untouched by the effects of such a strategy in those parts of the world. But in recent years, both Donald Trump and the coronavirus have taught the elites in America that you cannot remain immune and untouched from adverse decisions and strategies, no matter how far away they are implemented. Moreover, one cannot contain or control everything, despite the illusion in Washington that everything can be contained or controlled.

            Plus, the containment and control of natural processes and trends only make matters worse. In turn, this inclination towards “containment” and controlling everything that is non-white in nature has led to both a credibility and legitimacy problem for Westerners in the international system. The Western approach towards the non-white world is an albatross that combines the inclination towards “containment” and control with the urge to de-couple and segregate, all while needing to extract and exploit because of the interconnection and economic interdependence that underpins the international system. In essence, the Western approach towards the non-White world is a schizophrenic approach, consisting of both fear and paranoia as well as desire and necessity.

            The question in the years and decades ahead is whether fear and paranoia will outweigh desire and necessity in the Western approach towards the non-white world. Non-whites are more than happy to live on their own, away from white people, if they are left alone and are left to live in peace and security. European people moan and groan about the migrant crisis stemming from North Africa and the Middle East in recent years, without considering the fact that Western policy towards non-whites for centuries has contributed to this situation. Moreover, North Africans and Middle Easterners have provided cheap labor, culture, and good food to what is otherwise a barren tundra.

            De-coupling, segregation, and separation between whites and non-whites in the international system might be the likelier economic, political, and social outcome in the years and decades ahead if fear and paranoia continue to underpin the Western approach towards the non-white world. Double standards enable a White or Jewish person to freely devise a political platform in the West that is based on Islamophobia and xenophobia without any problems, whereas a Middle Easterner and a Muslim is seen as anti-Semitic or a “threat” if they bring both a centuries-long policy of “containment” and control that is underpinned by fear and paranoia –  as well as a 20th century Rothschild bribe to the British that in turn carved out a settler colony which displaced and killed millions of people – under scrutiny.

            In sum, fear and paranoia cannot endure as a sustainable approach towards 90 or even 95 percent of the world’s population. Also, 90 to 95 percent of the world’s population cannot be ignored or shunned by bureaucrats and politicians in Washington any longer. President Biden suggested last night in a virtual meeting with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping that people should be “open and candid” in their relationships. Perhaps him and his administration and political party should practice what they preach.

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