The Golden Rule

Ideally, the “Golden Rule” of all the world’s major religions – which is that one should wish for others what one wishes for him or herself – should be applied to the system, in the sense that everyone should have access to education, health care, and basic income. But in order for people to have access to such things, the prerequisite for universal access to education, health care, and basic income is social order, and social order in turn consists of three basic elements. For one, there is the ability of people to possess and secure their property and wealth. Second, there has to be basic human and physical security in a society. Finally, there needs to be an independent judicial system that can fairly adjudicate disputes between people when these disputes arise.

            There are certain elements of the Democratic party who seek to undermine these three basic elements of social order, either deliberately or not, in order to push and impose a political agenda on a majority population that largely transcends ethnic and racial lines and in turn rejects such an agenda because the majority of people are sane and are in favor of basic social order. In order to reach certain ideals and values such as “The Golden Rule” and in turn provide universal education, universal health care, and universal basic income, there has to first be social order.

            And if fiscally, the attainment of the “Golden Rule” and providing universal education, universal health care, and universal basic income is not feasible in a country like the United States which has the world’s third-largest population, then the default position of a society like the United States is the fostering of grassroots capitalism through reduced taxes and a small government that focuses on rule of law and security. It can go either way, in the sense that we are either heading towards the attainment of “The Golden Rule,” or the default position. But the likelier outcome is the default position, given that the majority of the country does not espouse radical views such as “cancel rent” and “defund the police,” and these radical views have undermined the position of progressives who actually intend on the attainment of the “Golden Rule” in the American system.

            An ideal society would be one where the “Golden Rule” applies in the American system, in the sense that people have access to universal education, universal health care, and universal basic income all while addressing criminal justice reform by legalizing and regulating common vices such as alcohol, marijuana, gambling, and prostitution so that people are not abused and criminalized by police and crooked lawyers and prosecutors. But then again, the majority of Americans are traditional people, and those traditional characteristics of American society differentiate American society from Western European or Scandinavian societies. Most Americans have long been skeptical of government, and that skepticism continues even to this day. Idealism and objectivity eventually run into realism and subjectivity to a certain extent. And when we take social realities and human subjectivities into account, our analysis and observations become much more rational and logical.  

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