The Clock is Ticking

My assertion that American leadership has descended into a condition and a state that is cheap, low-class, sleazy, and trashy comes from a legitimate source. In his last Tweet on May 4, 2017, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: “Sophisticated US leadership is the sine qua non of a stable world order. However, we lack the former while the latter is getting worse.” Headlines in the American news media are now captured by the likes of Ilhan Omar, Lauren Boebert, Margerie Taylor Greene, as well as other sleazy and trashy public figures, all while the international system descends further into the anarchy and chaos that was fostered by the neocons starting from the beginning of the 21st century.

            Brzezinski – along with Henry Kissinger – was someone I looked up to and emulated to a great extent in my teens and twenties. Also, I had the privilege of meeting Brzezinski in 2015, during the early stage of my book project. Not only were Brzezinski and Kissinger the architects of a Cold War era diplomatic and security framework for global order, but they were also architects of a post-Cold War diplomatic and security framework that was cast aside by the neocons in their pursuit of a whole-of-government policy of global hegemony which blatantly violated all international laws, rules, and norms. In my book and in previous blog posts, I have described and have explained the Post-Cold War diplomatic and security framework for global order – which consists of two pillars, namely, Kissinger’s “Promised Land of Politics” and Brzezinski’s “TESS” (which stands for the “Trans-Eurasian Security System”).

            Thus, there was essentially a blueprint and a framework set up by Kissinger and Brzezinski for a post-Cold War international order. But that blueprint and framework got trashed by the neocons, and we are now left in the position that Brzezinski aptly described in his final Tweet.

            The question is whether American leadership can revert to the blueprint and framework Kissinger and Brzezinski had set up for a post-Cold War global order. Although the window of opportunity is still open for a reversion to this complex and meaningful blueprint and framework, it is nonetheless closing at a quick pace. There is essentially a “race against time” when it comes to taking advantage of this narrow window of opportunity for the reversion to this particular blueprint and framework.

With order, everything else naturally falls into place. But for order to take hold on a global scale, one has to take into account the blueprint and framework set up by the experts, in addition to the input of those who have analyzed and studied the blueprint and framework. As mentioned before, the blueprint and framework for global order consists of both diplomatic and military elements, both of which are aimed at preserving and rectifying the security and economic pillars of global order. When I was a graduate student, I was told by a very prominent American diplomat and foreign policy expert – Daniel Fried – that there is “no time to waste.” I did not absorb the gravitas of that statement until recently.

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