Living La Vida Loca

In addition to striking an analogy between the federal government and mafia groups in the early stage of the introductory economics course I took in my freshman year of college, the professor – Thomas Rustici – broke into tears at the end of his final class lecture, which was a lecture regarding the issue of poverty in Africa. Rustici contends that poverty in Africa stems from Western policy, in the sense that Western aid money to corrupt governments and regimes in Africa places a stranglehold on endemic African productivity and growth, which in turn prevents African nations from realizing their full economic and social potential. If only this logic and truth could be applied to the calculus and thinking in elite and government circles.

But there is an overriding factor which inhibits elite and government circles from arriving at this calculus and thinking, namely, groupthink and insanity. As Nietzsche famously said: “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” Thus, the question is whether elite and government cognition is rational and sane, and the answer is in the negative if we take Nietzsche’s assessment into account. I have already touched on the issue of whether or not elite and government cognition is based on rationality and sanity in my blog posts regarding the U.S.-Iran nuclear discussions.

These basic truths – such as the ones pertaining to elite and government policies towards Third World countries as well as the issue of rationality and sanity when it comes to elite and government decision-making and strategy – tend to rollover from one blog post to another. Because of these underlying truths which rollover from one blog post to another, knowledge and information can be generalized and unitive once an interdisciplinary approach is taken towards the evaluation and survey of reality, with reality equating to the totality of all things which exist.

Some have argued that telling the truth is a sure way of remaining poor. But if one were to see things in a positive and optimistic light, telling the truth is perhaps a sure way of getting what you want out of life. Employing a stream of consciousness approach towards one’s research efforts – along with an existential and phenomenological method – not only reveals truths about the world at-large, but the employment of such a device and method reveals personal truths which may otherwise be ignored or overlooked in conscious life.

There is also an elite narrative to reality and a popular narrative to reality. And it is becoming ever more difficult to reconcile these two narratives of reality in American society. But the popular narrative of reality has widespread support, despite elite efforts to cancel and censor such a narrative. Donald Trump’s latest venture – which is the creation of a social media platform that provides space for popular voices that are otherwise cancelled and censored by the elites – has already raised more than 1 billion dollars from investors. Cancelling and censoring the views of regular people has been a regular occurrence in American society for decades. But there is now pushback against this status quo approach towards the voices and views of regular people. And this pushback will bear fruit eventually, even if the pushback does not bear fruit overnight. Eventually, the truth will come out.

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