True Colors

In sum, Washington’s policy towards the entire world – but specifically that of the “Iron Triangle,” which consists of Washington bureaucrats, Congress, and the mainstream media – consists of global domination as its core objective, along with the strategy of military hegemony, cruel and inhumane economic sanctions, and the cancellation and censorship of information and viewpoints which consist of cultural, philosophical, and religious substance as the strategy towards the achievement of such an objective. But as mentioned before, neither is the objective rational or sane, nor is the strategy. Realistically and logistically, one cannot link this aspiration to capabilities. Thus, one has to deconstruct and dispel the illusion that decision-making and strategy in Washington is based on rational and sane thought, which I have attempted to do through the course of my blogging.

             However, deconstructing this illusion translates into getting cancelled and censored by certain entities and individuals. When I publish a blog post, I have an email list of about eighty entities and individuals through which I disseminate my blog posts and essays. For me personally, social media proved ineffective in both outreach and in fostering the quality of my content. In fact, based on some of the input I received from one of my readers, the quality of my blog content improved as soon as I left social media.

I had just one journalist from CNN on my email list over the course of many months. But recently, I expanded the number of CNN journalists on my email list to four. Lo and behold, CNN went into its email server and blocked its journalists from receiving my emails. Not only does the strategy of canceling and censorship on the part of the mainstream equate to the cancellation, censorship, and suppression of diverse viewpoints, but this strategy also equates to the annihilation of culture, philosophy, and religion from the social fabric of the entirety of international society. What is also quite startling is that a multinational corporation backed by the state such as CNN can feel so insecure in the face of a small mom-and-pop blogger.

            Sucking culture, philosophy, and religion out of the world through a policy and strategy consisting of military hegemony, cruel and inhumane economic sanctions, as well as the cancellation and censorship of diverse viewpoints is something that only CNN and Washington may stand for. But culture, philosophy, and religion serve as the lifeblood of economic, political, and social viability in virtually every society – including the United States – as well as on an individual level. Not everyone can become a White liberal and Zionist, even though the policy and the objective in Washington is essentially to turn everyone in the world into a white liberal and Zionist.

And even if an individual of color were to farce their way into getting a pat on the back from white liberals and Zionists, the individual of color would not be seen as an equal to their white liberal and Zionist superiors because of their color as well as the culture, philosophy, and religion that entails from being a person of color. When people refer to “reinventing” themselves in Washington, it means the annihilation and purging of culture, philosophy, religion, and color. That is something which no one in the world should morally stand for.

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