House of Cards

In sum, American global policy and strategy pivoted against the grain and against the historical process after the Cold War, in the sense that the “collective end” or goal of the historical process is global order and peace. Once there is order and peace, everything else naturally falls into place. But American global policy relies on imposing chaos and war in order to sell weapons, given that almost 50 percent of American exports are weapons. Thus, the federal government is a business just like any other business, and the business model of the federal government relies on imposing chaos and war to sell weapons. Overall, drugs, weapons, and oil are the three most lucrative businesses in the entire world. And the federal government dabbles in all of them.

But aside from weapons, America and Europe have very little to offer to the world in terms of business and commerce. Thus, the world is engaged in what the 20th century Iranian philosopher and writer Jalal Al-e-Ahmad called “Compulsory Commerce” with the West. No one wants to do business with the West because the West has nothing to offer except for unwieldy machines and weapons. People can produce what the West produces if left alone and in peace. But the world is forced into buying Western gadgets and weapons, thus the concept known as “Compulsory Commerce.”

Moreover, based on trends and outlooks, the federal government will not be raking in as much money as they did over the course of the last few decades. For one, weapons sales will most likely see a big hit because people will eventually get tired of killing each other around the world. Marijuana – if legalized – will seize market share from the hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin that the federal government was bringing in from Afghanistan and Latin America. Oil and natural gas are largely in the hands of corporations, not the federal government. And there is a populist upsurge that is looming large over the federal government which in turn could put an end to its shenanigans in the coming years.

Thus, there will be other entities and industries that will rise, whereas the federal government will see a decline in its stature within the international economy. Trends suggest that the five most lucrative industries will be artificial intelligence, biotech, real estate, oil and natural gas, and marijuana (in no particular order). Out of disdain and jealousy, the federal government will threaten people with sanctions left and right, as they have begun to do over the course of this past year. Provocations will also come out of Washington, in hopes of starting a global war which will see a rise in weapons sales.

Many people – including myself – are beginning to regret voting for Joe Biden. But as mentioned before, a global policy and strategy consisting of the imposition of chaos and war, starving people to death through sanctions so that people do not prosper, and the cancellation, censorship, and suppression of information and viewpoints which consist of cultural, philosophical, and religious substance is an unhealthy and unsustainable policy and strategy that will eventually reach a dead end and will fail.

During my trip to France this past September, a very wise family friend told me that Washington’s position is “very weak.” The main reason for this is because Washington lies about a lot of things. Washington speaks of free-market capitalism and democracy. But Washington won’t let Canadian or European drugs and medicines come into the American market in order to make drug and medicine prices more competitive and fair. Also, a man who could not even garner fourth place in his own party’s primary elections is now president. Building a “house of cards” on top of a lie is not a sustainable course of action. Thus, either sooner or later, the “house of cards” that is built on a lie has to fall somehow.

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