Become Like Water

“Tell the truth, and you will have what you wish for.” That is perhaps the main motive for bloggers, independent journalists, and writers who seem irrational when they lock horns with the establishment figures of their nation in defiance of the establishment’s military, economic, and propagandistic clout. In turn, what confounds the establishment of any nation when a sharp-tongued and witty blogger, journalist, or writer who is also independent is the issue of motive, especially when the blogger, journalist, or writer in question gets no money from anyone and is not connected to any foreign power. If only the establishment knew the motive of a wholly endemic and grassroots individual, then they could perhaps provide an offramp in order to water down the force of nature that is lobbing truth bombs at them on a daily basis.

But the motive is perhaps the bargaining chip. No one has to know the motive until the circumstances and the time is right. Even in Poker, you have to pay in order to see the other player’s hand. In most cases, politicians keep their motives hidden, until the truth eventually comes out, as in the case of Barack Obama and his sexless marriage. Many people keep their cards close to their vest per se. So can a blogger, journalist, or writer who seems to have lost their wits by lobbing truth bombs at the system on a daily basis without having a material motive or incentive to do so.

In my case, I have already gotten what I wanted to a large extent through the process of a blogging endeavor that now spans a little more than two and a half years. I became acquainted with the most beautiful and colorful colleagues that a person can find, and coincidentally they belong to my favorite news network (Al-Jazeera). And, I have inspired and educated young people as well as the elderly from around the world. What more can an entrepreneur and writer ask for?

Certain entrepreneurs and writers don’t want rations from the Rothschilds as an ultimate goal, nor do they want a scandal. Certain entrepreneurs and writers like myself simply want psychic income, as well as the ability to educate and inspire young people as well as older folks who are looking for answers to the questions that may have been lingering in their minds for a very long time. Also, to a certain extent, it is about poking holes at powerful entities which dump phony data onto the system in order to cloak narrow but pivotal facts such as “Negative Migration Rate from Israel” as well as other facts that people should know, but cannot know because they are obscured. Thus, as Sir Basel Liddle Hart said, a plan does not necessarily have to have a singular outcome. In many cases, a really good plan can have “branches,” as Liddle Hart wisely put it. And as Bruce Lee said: “Become like water.” And it is simply by branching out my mind, dispersing power, and becoming like water that I have been able to sustain myself as a writer for all this time.

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