Let Your Thoughts Run Free

If international relations and international affairs can be summarized through one point, it would be that international affairs is about the sophisticated and thoughtful projection of power and prestige. As mentioned before, there is evidence to suggest that China is leading the United States in terms of the projection of power and prestige at the moment.

For one, in addition to the 21st century “space race,” China also leads America when it comes to research publications. Because mainstream entities such as CNN have descended to such a cheap, sleazy, petty, pathetic, jealous, and low class state, many Americans are unaware of these things. In many cases, a sample — and I have used Fareed Zakaria as a sample in the previous blog post — can be representative of the whole, namely, CNN. In this day and age, radical transparency and radical truth is perhaps the only way to go, and no one is willing to go that far except for a select few.

Moreover, in an Information Age, entities like “Israeli startups” are good for nothing except for spying on people and placing bugs in people’s phones and social media apps. But basically, power has a number of dimensions. There are psychological and social dimensions, and there are economic and political dimensions. And as mentioned before, China is ahead of the United States to a certain extent in terms of all these dimensions.

For one, there is the issue of ‘Race and Sex’ from a psychological and social aspect, and there is the issue of ‘Space and Sex’ from an economic and political aspect. Sex and sexuality are becoming more complex and sophisticated in this day and age because the internet — and even pornography to a certain extent — if used strategically, can be used as tools to develop and refine a person’s preferences and outcomes when it comes to sexual taste. For instance, in this day and age, one’s favorite model or pornstar can take the place of a physical and tangible lover.

Thus, one’s reality depends to a large extent on one’s imagination and thoughts. And given the extent of knowledge and technology that exists in our current Information Age, people are becoming more imaginative and thoughtful than ever before. But as usual, politicians and the mainstream are far behind ordinary people when it comes to such imagination and thought.

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