Energy and Vibes

Upon reflection and in retrospect, had independents like myself known that Joe Biden was a ‘Trojan Horse’ for Janet Yellen, Tony Blinken, and Merrick Garland in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections, independent votes would have most likely gone elsewhere. Because of this ‘Trojan Horse,’ there are in fact American independents who are shifting away from the Democrats and are moving towards Republicans. Thus, there is a slow and gradual popular pushback in the United States against that ploy which was carried out by a narrow combination or alliance consisting of neocon and neoliberal elements from within the American body politic and civil society which in turn does not represent the entirety of American society.

It is important to note that the neocon and neoliberal hold on American government and media has gradually and slowly eroded over the course of the last couple of decades because of a number of factors. One of these factors is the breadth of knowledge and information that is reaching Americans from around the world. Thus, there are efforts on the part of this very narrow neocon and neoliberal alliance to censor and suppress information in the American public sphere. And even if a Biden ‘Trojan Horse’ may slow the erosion of a neocon and neoliberal hold on American government, American media, and the international system, the erosion is a guaranteed phenomenon nevertheless. Thus, a global and popular pushback against a neocon and neoliberal hold on American government, American media, and the international system – even if it is subliminal and subtle – nevertheless facilitates the slow and gradual erosion of this hold and then replaces this hold with something that has essence and substance. Otherwise, without essence and substance, nothing would survive.

Moreover, individuals without any significant amount of money or military power can contribute to this erosion and replacement. Although shortcuts cannot be taken towards the attainment of a significant goal, there are things that can be done to streamline one’s efforts and to cut out unnecessary delays. And in my case, there was a tradeoff to be made. I had to either develop the fodder – namely, knowledge and information – to fuel a blog with academic and journalistic dimensions that is intended to shape international affairs, or find a job and make money without any clear or definitive goal behind the work and the efforts to make money.

Thus, if one’s aim or goal is to shape international affairs, education and information outweigh money and a job in the long run when it comes to level of importance. It is not necessarily about how much money you have or what your job status is. Rather, the effective shaping of international affairs is about the effective use of whatever money or job you already have at your disposal. Also, one’s strategy – if effective – can attract a great deal of attention from authorities. I have had entities like “The Department of Justice” take a look and examine pictures of my personal library which I posted on social media in the past. As a result, when you are effectively shaping international affairs – no matter how long it takes to see your efforts bear fruit – you will attract attention one way or another. Moreover, as one Japanese proverb put it, pace and speed can be slow and steady, as long as you are actually moving.

Also, when an individual carries out an endeavor in a wholehearted manner, outside help is something that is not necessary. At least in my case, my entire blogging endeavor – which now spans a little a more than two and a half years – has not received a single dollar from anyone nor a single outside sponsor. However, I have not discounted the possibility that my independent blogging effort is part of a broader economic, political, and social patchwork wielding a global scope which in turn aims to replace this neocon and neoliberal hold on the international system with something that possesses both essence and substance. As I mentioned before, without essence and substance – or “Tao” – the international system will perish and wilt away.

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