Moulin Rouge

As Albert Einstein said, a great mind does not stem from the mere memorization and regurgitation of facts. Rather, a great mind stems from the ability to analyze facts and to think critically about the facts which are presented to it. But to analyze facts effectively and to think critically, one needs to have an open mind first and foremost. As someone said, an open mind is like a parachute; it has to be open in order to work. Moreover, there is perhaps a correlation between intelligence and open-mindedness. People with a greater level of intelligence tend to have more open-minded views when it comes to issues such as race and sexuality, although one should always be cautious when it comes to making broad-based generalizations.

And in a society, the most intelligent people tend to be found in either academia or journalism. Before serving a stint in government, Henry Kissinger was an academic and a professor at Harvard. Although he assisted a Republican president, Kissinger was incredibly liberal when it came to a number of issues. For one, Kissinger was known to have engaged in the swinger’s scene, in addition to having a foot fetish.

In addition to having the most liberal sexual mores in a society, birth rates also tend to be lower amongst the intelligentsia (academics and journalists) and the elites in advanced societies. Over the course of a society’s lifespan, the less-educated and less-intelligent masses tend to produce the most children, whereas the intelligentsia produce few or no children at all, and this is one major contributing factor to the eventual collapse of a society. Ancient Rome comes to mind when it comes to the nexus between liberal sexual mores and low birth rates on one hand and the collapse of an empire and society on the other hand.

Due to this particular factor or trend – namely, liberal sexual mores and low birth rates amongst a society’s intelligentsia class – less-educated and less-intelligent people eventually dominate an advanced society because they outnumber the intelligentsia, all while the intelligentsia fails to produce heirs which can replenish the intelligentsia class of their society over the long run due to liberal sexual mores and low birth rates.

This is perhaps the context or the situation which confounds advanced societies in the Western world at the moment. Moreover, we have seen the phenomenon of less-educated and less-intelligent groups coming to the fore in many societies, such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, the United States, and perhaps even the United Kingdom. Perhaps the key mechanism or tool available by which one can mitigate the chance of less-educated and less-intelligent groups coming to power is broad-based education.

Netherlands, Germany, as well as Scandinavian countries are the highly-educated societies that come to mind which in turn are countries with the most civil liberties and are most advanced when it comes to levels of freedom of expression. But making education more attractive does not necessarily tie into making education compulsory. Making education more available and more accessible to the broader public is perhaps one way of making education more attractive. Perhaps the key in making education more attractive is having persuasive leaders who can attest to the value of education. But these leaders are largely absent at the moment, and in their place are corrupt septuagenarians and octogenarians who have yet to self-actualize. As one proverb puts it, there are children who are a hundred years old and there are old souls who are children. Thus, age is just a trivial and valueless number in the big picture scheme of things.

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