Over the course of the last few years, CNN has developed a knack for giving the spotlight to genocidal murderers, torturers, and propagandists who have aided and abetted genocide, murder, and torture. Among the genocidal murderers, torturers, and propagandists whom CNN has glorified over the course of the last few years are John Bolton, Bill Kristol, and Wesley Clark. Now, CNN has given the spotlight to Liz Cheney.

Liz Cheney is a daddy’s girl, in the sense that her political activity is centered solely on providing cover to her genocidal father after the Republican party transformed under Trump and has essentially purged the party of its neocon past. During my short-lived days on social media, I called out Liz Cheney for her family’s legacy of Islamophobia, murder, genocide, and torture. In turn, Liz Cheney had the nerve to send letters to my house asking for donations. I was not surprised at her audacity, because if a family has the audacity to murder, displace, and torture millions of people for a dollar, then they will certainly have the audacity to try and get under your skin.

Liz Cheney’s family legacy and the Cheney’s primary source of bread and butter has been defined by weapons dealing. Her father, a former Vice President, famously said that America’s mission is to “save the world from itself,” when in reality, the world has to be saved from bloodthirsty American weapons dealers like the Cheney family. And as the Prophet Muhammad said, weapons dealers are destined for hell.

Coincidentally, my fiercest arguments and debates on social media were with bloodthirsty weapons dealers from the United States. Bloodthirsty American weapons dealers also have a knack of targeting and relentlessly harassing people like myself who call them out for their unethical and immoral way of making money, as was the case with Liz Cheney and her pamphlets sent to my house. But as I have mentioned before, the days of bloodthirsty American weapons dealers shaping the world in their own image are dwindling.

Thus, Liz Cheney is merely a vestige of a bygone era in American politics which was defined by bloodthirsty American weapons dealers shaping the world in their own image. Also, because of the transformation of the Republican Party under Trump, Liz Cheney has essentially been ousted by her party on both a national level and a state level. There is very little chance that Liz Cheney can survive the upcoming primary election for the 2022 midterms in her state of Wyoming because she has been excommunicated and ostracized by her own political party.

Democrats and CNN may give Cheney a safe place to continue deceiving and tricking people. But Democrats and CNN do not represent the whole of the American population. Nevertheless, Liz Cheney is one element within the neocon-neoliberal alliance who seeks to maintain a hold on the international system but whose hold is eroding. And most likely, the erosion will replace the neocon-neoliberal hold on the international system with people who are not very fond of Liz Cheney nor fond of what her father did to millions of people.

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