Survival of the Fittest

In sum, I have no ill will or anger towards anyone for having the system stack the deck against certain people like myself. Nor should there be a purpose for people in the system to destroy entrepreneurial persons like myself, because entrepreneurs like myself are not problem generators. We are problem solvers. However, achieving a goal and getting to your ultimate destination is not a cake walk. Certain people can pose as obstacles to the achievement of your goals and getting to your final destination. But rather than annihilating and destroying people, there is a certain level of dueling and wrestling with people that takes place as one progresses towards the achievement of a goal and the reaching of one’s destination. I have dueled and wrestled with people on social media, and I assume my form of blogging is yet another manifestation of dueling and wrestling.

Before becoming part of an international community, I was once part of an Afghan community. Thus, I was trained in the “School of Hard Knocks” before coming into an international community by virtue of once being part of an Afghan community. I learned how to duel and wrestle in my teens and twenties through my encounters and dealings with Afghan people. But I saw no purpose or utility in dueling and wrestling with low lives in the Afghan community. As Sun Tzu said, choose your battles wisely. However, if I duel and wrestle with people posing as obstacles to the achievement of my goals within an international community or international context, I will not do it on their turf or on their terms. I believe I have done enough mind work and writing to shape the conditions for a duel or a wrestling match on my terms.

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) gave me an opportunity to duel it out with their professors earlier this year. But as I said, I am not going to pay someone thousands of dollars to duel them and then educate them, only to have an obstinate professor fail me and pose as an obstacle because my opinions and views do not conform to their narrow and obsolete view of reality.

I have mentioned Eliot Cohen on a number of occasions. I have met Eliot Cohen personally, and I gave him a copy of my book and I introduced him to my blog. In a lecture he gave to a group of people which included myself, Cohen tried to dissuade us from entering the academic world. He even suggested that one should “go construct a building” instead of getting into academic circles, which came as a surprise because I come from a real estate background.  He even shot a glance at me, examined the ring on my finger which has on it the Medieval Arabic “Seal of Solomon” – which the Jews have appropriated for themselves and now call it “The Star of David” – and said that “some of you will become very rich.”

Although I had the money, I did not have the energy or the time to waste going through Eliot Cohen and other professors in Washington for the achievement of my goals, and I decided to use my money judiciously. Instead of going through these obstacles, I have decided to go around these obstacles, which is emblematic of a Chinese Wei Qi strategy as opposed to the Western strategy of aggressive in-your-face offense. When I was part of an Afghan community, the Wei Qi strategy in the face of Afghan insolence got me all the way to the level of assisting the person who soon became the National Security Adviser of Afghanistan. Thus, I am confident that my strategy will get me somewhere within an international community and international context as well. Moreover, I am not in a rush for anything. As one Taliban official once told Zalmay Khalilzad, you have the Rolex, but I have the time. Thus, I am trained for a long game and waiting game, which is a game that people in Washington do not have the wherewithal to play.

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