The Interpretation of Dreams

I briefly mentioned some of my experiences as a high school student in America. But the high school experience in America – at least for me personally – is an anecdote or metaphor for the broader American experience. High school in America juxtaposes mind control with rebellion, at least in my case. But I am certain that other millennials who have gone through the American high school experience may concur with this suggestion. There is thus a Freudian and psychoanalytic element involved in the interpretation of the high school experience in America, in addition to the broader American experience which people may be able to catch if they reflect deeply.

After spending the entire first year of high school struggling to adjust to the highly cruel and repressive high school environment in America – given that I spent six years of elementary and middle school in a religious private school which surprisingly was not as repressive as an American public school – I did manage to have a somewhat colorful experience in an American high school, despite going through some of the struggles which I mentioned in previous blog posts.

For one, I was able to reenact the final scene of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” with a trained theater student in my sophomore year, which in turn drew acclaim from many teachers and students. I delved into Shakespeare without knowing that I would end up reenacting Shakespeare’s “Dark Lady Sonnets” at the prime of my adulthood.

Junior year introduced me to gambling, poker, and girlfriends. By the time I was in my senior year, I was juggling three girlfriends simultaneously. For some reason, I suspected that the girlfriends may have ended up knowing about one another, but at the same time I was not certain if they did. Overall, it was a highly complex situation for someone at that age.

Thus, when I reflect on those years, and when I juxtapose those experiences with what I am experiencing as a writer who has gone through exhaustive self-education, the cruelty and the repressive nature of the system was weighing down on our backs and minds the entire time. But with an exhaustive self-education, you are able to feel the weight of the cruelty and repression much more acutely. I am able to articulate the feeling much more as an individuated and self-educated adult, whereas in my teens and twenties, I was trying to figure out what exactly it was which was weighing down on my back and mind.

But with time – and after a few sessions with a chiropractor – the weight on my back began to lessen, to the point where I am now able to understand what it was that was actually weighing down on my back and mind since my teenage years largely as a result of individuation and self-education. It really does come down to the sheer cruelty and the repressive nature of the people and the influences which are coming down on people from the top. Around-the-clock influences like Gloria Borger and Jamie Gangel are incredibly negative and weigh heavily on people’s backs and minds in the long run, without people even realizing where the back aches and headaches come from. But as Newton said, for every action or force, there is an equal and opposite action or force, thus the energy, libido, information, and movement on a global scale.

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