Laws of Nature

I mentioned positioning and steamrolling as the strategies and objectives going into 2022 and 2024 from a domestic affairs standpoint in the United States. But one may wonder what it actually means to “position” oneself in American domestic affairs. Essentially, there are two ways by which one can “position” themselves. For one, a person can position themselves with the “establishment,” or “mainstream.” On the other hand, there is everyone else. Thus, one can either position themselves with the “establishment” or “mainstream,” or a person can position themselves with everyone else. These are essentially the two paths or positions one can assume in American domestic affairs.

Up until the recent past, both political parties in the United States were ruled by what was considered the “establishment” or “mainstream.” Thus, up until the beginning of what is known as the “Cyborg Era” – which began in 2014 and virtually coincided with the rise of Trump – there was essentially a one-party system in the United States, given that both parties were ruled by the “establishment” or the “mainstream.” Now, there is effectively a two-party system in the United States, because one of the two parties were overhauled by “everyone else,” and what remained of the establishment class in the “everyone else” party had to cast their lot with the establishment of the other party.

But if one were to hedge their bets going into 2022 and 2024, the momentum is perhaps with “everyone else” rather than the “establishment” or “mainstream.” For one, Virginia saw an “American Dad” type figure in Glenn Youngkin beat an establishment or mainstream figure this past November. Also, this past November, New Jersey saw a 15-point margin between the establishment party candidate and “everyone else” go down to about 2 points. In 2016, the establishment or mainstream accused the “everyone else” party of colluding with Russia to steal the election. In 2020, the “everyone else” party accused the establishment or mainstream of stealing the election. The only difference is that the overwhelming majority believed the accusations in 2020, whereas many people were not so sure about the 2016 accusations.

Thus, the establishment or mainstream are searching for ways to maintain their grip on power now that they shoved “everyone else” out in 2020, whereas “everyone else” are positioning themselves to steamroll the establishment or mainstream in 2022 and 2024. As I mentioned before, there are two overriding factors in politics. For one, there is the “balance of power” principle. Also, there are the rules and norms which govern politics on both a domestic and international level. After trashing international rules and norms for the last two decades, Americans are now beginning to trash the rules and norms which have long governed domestic politics in the United States.

But the “balance of power” no longer belongs with the establishment or mainstream, because the “balance of power” effectively shifted as a result of two wars, a global financial crisis, and Trump. Thus, the question is whether censorship and suppression on the part of the establishment or mainstream can overpower a natural law such as the “balance of power.” In my view, the “balance of power” wins out.

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