When The Dust Settles

I mentioned conditions having to be right for entry into “The Great Game” in the previous blog post. Perhaps out of all the things which can most determine and impact conditions – in addition to impacting one’s effective participation in “The Great Game” at this very moment – it is American domestic affairs. And within the domestic context of American affairs, individuals and groups are focused on clearing the path, positioning themselves, and steamrolling over one’s opposition for both 2022 and 2024 at this very moment. Thus, at this very moment, everything is about positioning and steamrolling.

Moreover, the “Biden Agenda” has effectively been undone from within Biden’s own party because of Joe Manchin. As a result, beginning sometime in 2022, we are perhaps headed for a lame-duck presidency because of midterm results. And starting from the beginning of 2023, the focus will be on consolidating midterm gains through gaining the White House in 2024.

Going into the 2022 midterms, Biden cannot take credit for the coronavirus vaccine. Trump was the one who oversaw the manufacturing of the vaccine. Furthermore, Biden’s first major act as president was a COVID stimulus package that contributed to inflation. His second major act was an infrastructure plan which 7 out of 10 Americans considered irrelevant to their lives. To close out his agenda, Biden is seeking to pass a spending bill which again 7 out of 10 Americans consider as irrelevant to their lives. But the third and final act of Biden’s agenda – namely, the spending bill – is being stonewalled from within his own party by virtue of Joe Manchin. Thus, the “Biden Agenda” has effectively failed, and the failure will most likely manifest in the anticipated results of the 2022 midterm elections.

And in 2024, Biden will have to run on a lame-duck presidency over the course of the last two years of his presidency as a result of the 2022 midterm elections, in addition to a failed agenda in the first two years of his presidency. Thus, people from both a domestic setting and an international setting are looking to 2024 as the moment when the dust will settle. And in order to assess whether “Great Game” participation will be effective and likely, one will have to wait and make that assessment sometime in 2024.

Even Iran is playing a waiting game in terms of making a commitment to the United States regarding its nuclear program because of 2024. Thus, everything is frozen and stalled at the moment from both a domestic perspective and an international perspective. Movement will occur from both a domestic standpoint and international standpoint beginning in 2024. Until then, everything will be about clearing the path, positioning, and steamrolling over those who pose as obstacles to the achievement of one’s goals and objectives. Also, clearing the path, positioning, and steamrolling over one’s opposition is different when it is done through publications than when it is done through a podcast, social media, or YouTube. After all, God communicated to man through text. And while some words end up being flimsy and meaningless, there are others which weigh heavily and should not be taken lightly by people.

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