In sum, the basic currency of international affairs is “power,” and at the core of “power” is energy and spirit. Power is also seen as “zero-sum” by certain governments, societies, and individuals. As a result, certain government strategies aim towards the control and suppression of another country’s energy and spirit. Thus, the censorship and suppression of knowledge and information is one way of suppressing power and thus suppressing energy and spirit.

Many scholars and thinkers are under the impression that the American system is actually controlled and governed by an outside power known as “The Society of the Elect.” Because the British and Jewish intellectual traditions are far more advanced than the United States in their understanding of the “balance of power” principle and the nature of power, many scholars and thinkers are under the impression that the “The Society of the Elect” – which is based in Britain – actually controls the American system in order to control and suppress American energy and spirit. Thus, the “Biden Agenda” equates to controlling and suppressing American energy and spirit.

“The Society of the Elect” has three levels. For one, there are the “Helpers” at the lowest of the three levels. One of the “helpers” is David Axelrod, who played a fundamental role in finding Barack Obama and turning him into a presidential candidate and officeholder. Then there is the “Society of the Elect” itself. At the heart of the “Society of the Elect” are the British nobility and the Rothschilds. But at the top of the “Society of the Elect” is the “Junta of Three.” Thus, there are essentially three individuals governing the “Society of the Elect” and thus the American system.

Benjamin Netanyahu is affiliated with the Rothschilds, as is anyone holding office in Israel. In 1990, while at a bar in Jerusalem and when his inhibitions were off, Netanyahu explained the agenda or plan that the “Society of the Elect” had for the United States. Netanyahu said:

“America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control…This is what we do to the countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly.”

Thus, the “Society of the Elect” and the “Junta of Three” which is at the top of the “Society of the Elect” have a “live and let die” policy vis-à-vis everyone else. But the energy and spirit pushing against this policy on a global scale is now getting difficult to contain. The British Poet and Writer D.H. Lawrence best captures this situation in a poem titled “Clydesider”:

“If Maudie doesn’t love us,

then why should we be good?

Why shouldn’t we steal the jam in the cupboard

and all the dainty food

as we never get a taste of! – really

it ought all to be Jock’s and mine.

Maudie is nought but the housekeeper

and she kens it fine.

So if Maudie doesn’t suit us

she’s got to pack and go.

We’re getting to be big lads now, ‘an soon

we can run our own show.”

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