Love’s Nightcap (Rumi)

Yesterday you put a crown on my head

that, no matter how one strikes it, will not fall off,

love’s nightcap, with your hand-stitching around the brow.

Even if my head is not on it,

because it is your gift to me.

My head becomes a pearl

lifted from the jewel box.

Prove it. Here is a heavy mace.

See if I am more bone and marrow than soul.

Inside this skull-nut there is almond essence

to sweeten lip and throat and put light in the eyes.

So no more complaining.

Jesus did not ask, Where is my donkey?

There was just one less donkey in the herd.

The strength of a rider does not come from his lean mount,

but from his love.

Do not say Ah, ah, when you are hurt. Say Allah.

Joseph did not talk about his time down in the well,

but rather of sitting on the throne in Egypt.

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