Ta Ha

In any job, occupation, or profession, a person must first undergo extensive training in order to effectively carry out a particular job, occupation, or profession. Thus, even for those in the phenomenological “community” who are defined by their employment of a very specific and unique method as it pertains to the articulation and development of thought and the manifestation of action, there is a very exclusive and unique form of training that is involved. As the Quran states: “An enemy to Me and an enemy to him shall take him. And I endued thee with love from Me that thou might be trained according to My will.”

Thus, the training for those employing the phenomenological method has an energy and a power that exceeds the energy and power involved in the empirical method, at least when it comes to the social sciences. Rumi wrote a poem titled “Low in the Roots,” which conveys the differentiation between an extraordinary intellectual with energy and power on one hand, and an ordinary intellectual who lacks this energy and power on the other hand:

“An intellectual is all the time showing off.

Lovers dissolve and become bewildered.

Intellectuals try not to drown,

while the whole purpose of love is drowning.

Intellectuals invent ways to rest,

then lie down in those beds.

Lovers feel ashamed of comforting ideas.

You have seen a glob of oil on water?

That is how a lover is with intellectuals,

there, but alone in a circle of himself.

Some intellectual tries to give sound advice to a lover.

All he hears back is, I love you, I love you.

Love is musk.

Do not deny it when you smell the scent.

Love is a tree.

Lovers, the shade under the long branches.

To the intellectual mind,

a child must grow up and learn to be an adult.

In the state of love,

you see old men getting younger and younger.

Shams chose to live low in the roots for you,

so now he soars in the air

of your sublimely articulating love.”

No amount of psychological warfare on the part of CNN and others can undermine the energy and power that is attached to an individual belonging to this particular community and method. Thus, the attachment of the energy and power – combined with the elite and exclusive form of training when it comes to both theory and action – is the key differentiating factor between the individual and the rest of the pack.

As one scholar said, journalism in the United States is virtually dead. What we consider as the “mainstream media” in the United States now amounts to mere psychological warfare intended to penetrate whatever is left of personal freedom and individual thought. As George Orwell said, nothing is your own except for the few cubic centimeters in your skull. Thus, only a specific and unique form of energy, power, and training can overcome a very repressive environment and system. But instead of acknowledging and recognizing the unique energy, power, and training, these people are merely “Fleeing from a lion.”

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