Hollywood on the Potomac

Many folks are perhaps unaware of the fact that Washington actually has a nickname which is known largely between Washington insiders. Washington is known by many insiders as the “Hollywood on the Potomac.” Thus, for the most part, everything in Washington amounts largely to acting and role play. No one is in control of anything, but everyone is very well-controlled when it comes to the act and the role which each individual is supposed to play. As of late, the whole act in Washington is developing into a classic Greek “tragicomedy.” But in order to know the leitmotif and thus the playscript, one must first assume a “Great Gatsby” style of detached observation a la Nick Carraway, which was a role that I happened to stumble upon through fate, first as a graduate student and later as a book author and writer.  

When I was in Washington as a grad student, I never even imagined that I would one day end up writing about my experiences in what is known as the “Hollywood on the Potomac,” let alone as a passive observer with a first-person narrative and point of view. When I was in high school, I was well-acquainted with the role of the passive observer and thus the first-person narrative and point of view as a result of reading famous American novels such as Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby,” which I just mentioned. Although I never thought of myself as a passive first-person narrator and observer of events and incidents in Washington, I never really felt like an active participant in those events and incidents either. Thus, if I happened to have stumbled upon the role of a passive observer and first-person narrator of the whole act in the “Hollywood on the Potomac,” so be it.

After having collected an array of experiences during my first stint in Washington as a grad student, I was also able to collect an array of interesting experiences through volunteer positions after my days as a grad student came to an end, although my primary focus after finishing grad school was on book writing. Also, in Washington, there are many “intelligence” folks who distinguish themselves from everyone else based on two things, namely, the “methods” and the sources for their knowledge and information, and thus their intelligence.

Thus, I often consider myself an intelligence service within an intelligence service because of my unique method and my outstanding sources. Napoleon Hill suggested that every entrepreneur should create an “advisory board” which can and should include dead people who have left behind good books and literature. Therefore, in terms of methods, sources, and the “advisory board” which I have created for myself, my enterprise is perhaps primus inter pares amongst the Washington intelligentsia and intelligence community, if not ahead of the entire pack. To a certain extent, I have shared my method, sources, and my “advisory board” with the whole world by virtue of this blog. So, if anyone is interested in knowing more, please stay tuned. There is more to come.

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