Don’t Tread On Me

Because the basic essence of life is play, it follows that this basic essence is not limited to any particular age, demographic, or gender. As Nietzsche said: “The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason, he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” But that basic essence has been lost in many societies, especially in the United States. And as a result, virtually all Americans agree and believe that the United States is in the grip of some sort of mental health crisis.

It is also quite surprising that a country like the United States – which was founded on a revolution against exorbitant taxes – has become so nonchalant and passive about the way in which the bureaucracy in Washington is abusing the citizenry via taxation. The once famous expression “No taxation without representation” is now largely an empty and hollow phrase. People get taxed in the United States, but the money goes to Afghanistan and Ukraine instead of towards social services for the citizenry in the United States.

However, the abuse out of Washington against regular Americans has not gone unnoticed. While I was on Twitter, a White-American woman made a comment and joked that if she continues to get taxed by the government at this rate, she will join QAnon. It may have been a joke, but all jokes carry an element of truth. Jokes are funny because there is an element of truth in certain jokes. In response, an African-American man liked the comment.

My father, who is a doctor here in Northern Virginia, has a long-time patient who is an older White-American male from the rural areas of Virginia. Because he has been my father’s patient for more than two decades now, he has become somewhat of a family friend. He recently told my father that what upsets him – as well as many other Americans – is the fact that regular Americans get taxed, but the tax money goes to corrupt and undeserving people overseas.

These are just a couple of stories which demonstrate that the threshold for tolerance when it comes to the abuse out of Washington has gotten lower and lower by the day in the United States. Moreover, the sentiment is widespread. This sentiment is not limited to just a few individuals or groups. The sentiment is the same throughout different elements of American society, but the way in which the sentiment is manifested is different through various elements and groups in society.

Also, no matter how small a person may be in society when it comes to social status, many people now realize that they have a voice which can be conveyed and projected through various means as a result of technology. People will call out arrogance and hubris – as well as bullshit and mind games on the part of government or media people who think they are better than others – when people encounter these types of things. I have personally encountered arrogant, hubristic, and stupid behavior both here and “Across the Pond” in London.

Thus, there is pressure to be brought to bear on people in both government and media who think they are above the fray or superior to everyone else just because they have a government position or because they are on television. Because things have gotten so complex in the postmodern age, everyone – including people in government and media – should tread carefully from this point forward.

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