The Anglo-American Establishment

Based on some of the points made in the previous blog post, the clout which “central bank money” and “digital platforms” wield over international affairs is significant. But what also needs to be mentioned is that the impact of this clout on international affairs and on the world as a whole has been adverse and destructive. As one engineer who worked for either Facebook or Twitter said in an interview for Netflix, the only way by which an individual can save themselves is by totally getting off social media. If people are not off social media, society will trek towards a calamity and disaster, according to a number of engineers who have worked for these digital platforms.

Also, entire governments – including the government here in the United States – as well as agencies, organizations, and think-tanks in Western societies are merely shell organizations for “central bank money.” Carroll Quigley, a 20th century American historian, famously wrote that the world is dominated by an international banking elite which is commonly known as the “Anglo-American Establishment.”

This international banking elite – otherwise known as the “Anglo-American Establishment” – obfuscate and blur their domination over governments, societies, and international affairs as a whole by creating smoke and mirrors around their rule through the creation of government agencies, think-tanks, and other organizations. Media organizations such as CNN and others are also tools used by the international banking elite – otherwise known as the “Anglo-American Establishment” – to obfuscate and blur the reality of international affairs, which is that an international banking elite based out of England and the United States has been dominating international affairs up until now.

At the core of the international banking elite which fosters smoke and mirrors, agencies, and shell organizations around their global domination are the Rothschilds, along with moneyed entities amongst the British nobility stemming from both the ‘British East India Company’ and the ‘Rhodes-Milner Society.’ Thus, at the core of the international banking elite – otherwise known as the “Anglo-American Establishment” – is opium and usury. Oil and diamonds also make up a major share of the international banking elite, otherwise known as the “Anglo-American Establishment.”

In Continental Europe, nobility and social status was once derived through ownership of land. Thus, nobility and social status in the Western world wielded a different notion and meaning before the rise of the international banking elite and thus the “Anglo-American Establishment” by virtue of opium and usury. It is also worth nothing that the infamous “Military-Industrial Complex” and thus America’s hegemonic wars of the 21st century have also been largely financed by this international banking elite to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Also, the dollar as a floating currency – in addition to being the world’s reserve currency – has its own set of implications for international affairs, the most significant of them all being the nature of currency exchange and capital flows, in addition to sanctions as a tool to coerce other nations into the political will of the international banking elite or “Anglo-American Establishment.”

However, the military, economic, and propagandistic power of the international banking elite – and thus the power of the “Anglo-American Establishment” – has witnessed a decline over the course of the last two decades. As a result, the “international order” upheld by this international banking elite and “Anglo-American Establishment” is on the verge of collapse and disintegration, according to certain experts. In the next blog post, I will touch on what some experts have said about the collapse and disintegration of complex societies and thus the collapse of the “international order” which complex societies like the international banking elite or the “Anglo-American Establishment” have created.

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