As I mentioned in the previous blog posts, a number of experts have reached the conclusion that the “international order” which had been set up by the “Anglo-American Establishment” shortly after World War II is on the verge of collapse. Thus, one should go about identifying some of the economic, cultural, and political factors which may prompt such a collapse.

One of the factors I mentioned in a previous blog post is the practice of printing money without addressing and containing inflationary acts and practices. Also, the financial sector in the United States is very much a casino with a variety of games to play. Currency exchange – or “Forex” – along with stocks are very much similar to casino gambling, and the whole thing is rigged so that the house – namely, the big banks – wins the game. Thus, the 2008 global financial crisis is an example of the house racking in all the chips, despite its dangerous and risky practices. Another economic factor which has fostered the precarious state of the international order is neoliberalism, and its false suggestion that Keynesian economics is a failed system. China is a repudiation of the neoliberal notion that Keynesian economics is a failed system.

There are also cultural factors which prompt the major possibility of the collapse of an Anglo-American international order. For one, there is the pettiness of mindset and thought on the part of entities and individuals within the establishment. Some entities and individuals will go out of their way to discredit a blogger, even though the blogger had long predicted a Taliban takeover, had a gut feeling in 2019 that a calamitous event like the coronavirus would happen, had a gut feeling that populists were up to something at the start of 2021, and used the expression “force of nature” before tornadoes ripped through the heartland of America. Add to all this the pettiness of CNN, Axios, and NPR by virtue of blocking the blogger – in addition to their obstruction of the free flow of information – all of these points demonstrate the pettiness of the Anglo-American establishment’s mindset. Also, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell demonstrate that the only thing the establishment thinks about in the back of their minds is sex.

Moreover, there is the issue of arrogance and hubris, lack of shame, and the utter disregard for international rules and norms. The policy of American global hegemony which began at the start of the 21st century also put Eastern nations onto what one scholar in Washington called a “war path” which now requires de-escalation. But the global balance of power has shifted, which means that Eastern nations are in no rush to de-escalate. In fact, escalation is now a bargaining method on the part of Eastern nations because of the shift in the global balance of power in favor of China. It is also important to note that the ‘balance of power’ is primarily psychological in nature. Afghanistan opened up the floodgates for the escalation on the part of Russia towards Europe, North Korean missile tests, Chinese fighter jets over Taiwan, and Iranian nuclear proliferation. Afghanistan, Iraq, and the predatory lending schemes of the international banking elite based out of the United States which became the impetus for the 2008 global financial crisis also fostered Donald Trump on a domestic level.

Thus, populism became a major factor in American politics in recent years, which is essentially fueled by anger, discontent, and frustration. One of the factors for the anger, discontent, and frustration is perhaps the drop in the annual growth rates vis-à-vis China. According to independent estimates, the annual growth rate in the United States in the year 2000 was at 4.1 percent. In 2021, the annual growth rate in the United States has dropped to 2.8 percent, based on World Bank statistics.

But perhaps what is at the core of the prospect for the collapse of the American-led international order is the absence of the “basic essence of existence.” As one Jewish scholar in Washington once said, the “basic ingredients” are just not there. In other words, everything that the establishment in Washington touches turns into shit these days. On paper the ‘Biden Agenda’ should have helped to boost America’s growth rate vis-à-vis China. But China’s growth rate went up to 16 percent, whereas America’s growth rate went down in 2021 because of a lack of these ‘basic ingredients.’ Personally, I decided to overlook the lack of the ‘basic ingredients’ at the beginning of 2021 because I assumed that Biden and his administration would be humbler than Trump and his people, which was not the case. As Boris Johnson said this past summer, Biden is a “clone” of Trump. Thus, sometimes it is better to be critical than to make the mistake of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, and many of us in the United States gave Biden the benefit of the doubt at the beginning of 2021.

Last but not least, international order has two basic pillars, namely, security and economics. By 2039, America will not have a single dollar to uphold a global security architecture it created soon after World War II. All of the Pentagon’s money by 2039 will end up going to pensions, according to Lawrence Korb, a former Pentagon official. Also, economic momentum is with Asia, not America, based on projections regarding share of global GDP and growth rates. As a result, when we take all the aforementioned points into consideration – in addition to taking into consideration what a number of analysts and observers have said – the prospect of a collapse of the American-led international order is very real. But in the end, anything can happen, and “all is uncertainty.”

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