Bully Pulpit

In sum, healing is at the heart of economic, political, and social life here in the United States. And as a result, reading, writing, pedagogy, and teaching are integral to the healing effort. Also, in order to heal, people need to receive care. At the moment, people in the United States do not feel as though the government cares about them. Thus, when it comes to the government getting the entire country to vaccinate in response to the coronavirus – which should be a simple task – there is a communication or “messaging” problem on the part of Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky, which is very unfortunate. If people simply understood and trusted that the human body has natural antibodies within its system which in turn fights diseases, and that a vaccine boosts these natural antibodies just as any other vaccine would do vis-à-vis any other disease, then the pandemic would not be as messy in the United States as it is now.

But as I mentioned before, decades of government mismanagement and neglect towards its own people has led to the situation we face today in the United States. As a result, there is a communication problem between authorities in American society and regular people. As David Bohm wrote:

“If people are to cooperate (i.e., literally to “work together”) they have to be able to create something in common, something that takes shape in their mutual discussions and actions, rather than something that is conveyed from one person who acts as an authority to the others, who act as passive instruments of this authority.”

People are treated as “passive instruments” of authority in the United States, in the sense that people get taxed without getting the education, health care, and basic income which they are entitled to based on the UN Charter. Government in the United States has little to no qualms about sending money to Afghanistan and Ukraine. But when it comes to assuming social responsibility in its own society, people in American government and media become queasy. In every society, the rich and powerful are obliged to assume social responsibility for everyone else in a society. Otherwise, the society breaks down and falls apart.

Thus, when a society does break down and fall apart, it is primarily the result of the failure on the part of the elites to assume social responsibility, not the failures of regular people. It is also quite unfortunate that misinformed and dumb public figures like Kyrie Irving and Novak Djokovic garner more support for their anti-vaccine stance – which is based on paranoia and ignorance – than Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky do for their educated and informed position when it comes to urging the public to get vaccinated. Also, the United States lags behind many developed countries when it comes to access to education. Thus, there is an education and pedagogy problem in the United States, and the window to address this issue has largely closed because of two decades spent on a whole-of-government policy which cared more about Afghanistan and Iraq than domestic stability.

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