Let Go and Let God

It has been said that if a person wants to see change in the world, he or she must first embody the change that he or she wishes to see. Thus, if a person wants truth and justice to prevail over falsehood and injustice, he or she must be truthful and just towards others and towards oneself before anything else. I have tried my very best to preserve truth and justice in my entrepreneurial and writing efforts. But ideals should also be balanced with a bit of realism. One person’s efforts cannot alter or override a master plan and predestination, no matter how brilliant one’s entrepreneurial and writing efforts are. As a result, there are obviously limits to what one single person can achieve.

Also, a single person cannot divert and overcome the consequences intended for an entire society which stem somewhat from a situation whereby a man who won 75 million votes in an election simply will not come to terms with the idea that he was defeated by an opponent who could not even win fourth place in Iowa and New Hampshire. Add to this the fact that many people believe the man with 75 million votes. But this aforementioned situation stems from an even broader situation, namely, a long history of corruption and war crimes which has yet to be addressed by those in power. Also, part of being realistic means that one’s aspirations have to match one’s capabilities, despite the very human tendency of human aspirations often exceeding human capabilities.

As I mentioned before, this blog had an educative and informative purpose which has now been met, in addition to having a journalistic purpose which has also been met. The journalistic standards for this blog have far excelled those of the jejune and sensationalist mainstream media in the United States. And while the pressures and stresses of generating content for this blog have been immense, there is a reward expected for the gambles and risk-taking associated with generating the blog’s content. As Rumi wrote in a poem titled “The Face”:

“So the frowning teacher came and left.

He is very consistent with that vinegar face.

But maybe he shows that to us

and smiles with others.

Such a beautiful teacher, but so sour,

the pure standard for tartness.

Consider how your face is a source of light.

If you enter a grieving room

with the friend in your eyes,

light will bloom there

according to the laws of sweet and sour.

Locked in a cell, you grow bitter and dark.

But out walking in morning sunlight with friends,

how does that taste?

There are exceptions.

Joseph caught the rose fragrance

down in his abandoned wellhole.

In this quietness now

I feel someone seated on my right

like a kindness that will never leave.”

And as the Quran states: “For those who believe and do good things, God will appoint for them love.” The Quran also states: “Those who tell the Truth shall have what they desire.” Thus, my entrepreneurial efforts have amounted to gambling everything and taking risks for a goal and an objective that may seem absurd to so-called “rational” people. But as I mentioned before, the reward for entrepreneurship is ultimately defined by the entrepreneur. No one else can define what the reward is for one’s entrepreneurial efforts. And after all the effort, the time is now right to sit back, pull out the popcorn, and as the saying goes, “Let go and let God.”

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