“You Shall Not See Me” (Rumi)

You are rest for my soul, a surprising joy for my bitterness.

Imagination has never imagined

what you give to me.

The sound of someone whistling in the street, or asking questions, if that person brings word of you, those sounds are worth more than all the world’s poetry.

There is nothing I want but your presence. In friendship, time dissolves.

Life is a cup. This connection is pure wine. What else are cups for? I used to have twenty thousand different desires.

The unseen king said once on Sinai, You shall not see me.

But even though he said that he was not, I have filled the essence of that he with my soul.

The Christian Trinity, the Zoroastrian light-and-dark, I absorb them all.

Though my body has not noticed, union has begun to see a new way to be.

Grown old with grief and longing, when someone says Tabriz, I am young again.

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