Bearded Dragon

In the previous essay, I mentioned how one of the norms of the international system before the 500-year period of Western hegemony was that entrepreneurs and travelers would go to China to pay tribute to the Chinese emperor, in exchange for goods and wealth being conferred upon them by the Chinese emperor. I also mentioned how the international norms and rules which existed before 500 years of Western hegemony are beginning to re-emerge in the international system, as evinced by Donald Trump a few years ago when Xi Jinping offered Trump money as well as contracts for Ivanka Trump to sell her clothing brand in China. Thus, the norms and rules of the international system before the 500-year period of Western hegemony are beginning to slowly re-emerge in today’s international system.

London is perhaps the most cosmopolitan and international city in the Western world. But if London seeks to preserve its cosmopolitan and international essence, it must overcome the quasi-populist and Social Darwinist circus of Boris Johnson, whose buffoonery has now evolved into thuggery by virtue of blackmailing and threatening members of parliament who wish for him to resign. For a cosmopolitan and international place like England, Labour is perhaps the best way to go rather than continuing with the quasi-populist and Social Darwinist buffoonery and now thuggery of a clown like Boris Johnson.

And in the big picture scheme of things, the Taliban – which amounts to nothing more than a ragtag militia group – proved the hollowness and superficiality of the ontological state which underpinned America’s whole-of-government policy over the course of the last two or three decades. In essence, a ragtag militia group with no clear structure or chain of command ended up pulling the chair from underneath the world’s biggest military and economic power.

Also, Ukraine is merely a pretext or staging ground for bargaining between Russia and the West. It is also worth noting that Russia has China has a cushion for its bargaining strategy and ventures, whereas Ukraine has an unreliable partner in Joe Biden, who recently pulled the rug from underneath another small nation, namely, Afghanistan. Most likely, Joe Biden will not come to the rescue of a corrupt puppet government in Kiev which is led by a low-rate comedian. Thus, one red line after another may continue to be pulled back by the United States over the course of time, because the American-led order set up after World War II is eroding over time. This pattern of behavior – namely, pulling back one red line after another – began with Afghanistan this past summer, and will most likely continue over time.

Thus, Tony Blinken can go around the world wagging his finger at everyone. But ultimately, actions speak louder than words, and at this point in time, Washington is all talk and no action as a result of the clear outcome in Afghanistan. No amount of rhetoric or words from Joe Biden and Tony Blinken can override or replace the clear and tangible effects of Afghanistan, which two other modern powers prior to the United States have experienced in the past.

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