As I mentioned before, Washington’s pattern of pulling back red lines – which began with Afghanistan this past summer – coincides with the gradual erosion of the American-led order set up after World War II. One of the main reasons why there is a gradual erosion of the American-led order was mentioned yesterday by Joe Biden in his press conference. Biden said that the United States was spending a whopping one billion dollars per week in Afghanistan. Thus, it begs the question: would a rational actor spend a whopping one billion dollars per week in Afghanistan?

I also mentioned that the norms and rules of the international system are beginning to slowly go back to the way they were before the 500-year period of Western global hegemony. One of these norms and rules which predates the 500-year period of Western global hegemony was that entrepreneurs, envoys, and travelers from different parts of the world would pay tribute to a Chinese emperor, in return for goods and wealth being conferred upon them by a Chinese emperor. But Donald Trump is not the only officeholder in the United States to apply this norm or rule.

As one journalist mentioned in Joe Biden’s press conference yesterday, Hunter Biden also has business interests in China. Apparently, Hunter Biden has his fingers in many pies, including Ukraine. Thus, Joe Biden’s use of political office to acquire business interests for his son in places like Ukraine and China is the textbook definition of corruption. It is different when an independent entrepreneur who is not in government establishes business interests overseas, versus when a politician with no entrepreneurial experience and is an officeholder in government does the same thing. As the saying goes, you cannot compare apples to oranges.

Another distinct difference between Washington and Beijing – which in turn is another important factor in the current global ‘balance of power’ dynamic between Washington and Beijing – is that Beijing lays out what it wants to do ahead of time in front of the whole world, and then Beijing does it. On the other hand, Washington lies and dithers. As I mentioned before, Beijing is hosting a complex and sophisticated international event like the ‘Winter Olympics’ and has a “Zero-Covid” policy, whereas Washington is caught up in the hunger games of Europe and Ukraine and is in the throes of inflation and shortages, all while a simple fact about the human body – which is that the body has an army of antibodies that fights pathogens and diseases and are boosted by a vaccine – is being politicized to this extent.

I was a grad student when I learned that the norms and rules of Washington bring on a heavy curse which cannot be easily removed. One of the main rules of Washington – which is to bow to liberal hegemony and Rothschild money – not only brings on a curse, but it is now evident that this rule or norm is an aberration from the normal course of 300,000 years of human history. And in the end, there is no shortcut around the long and grueling process of repentance, sincerity, and truth which is required to remove this curse.

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