The Silk Road

Another major factor which contributes to the global ‘balance of power’ dynamic between the United States and China is that things in the international system are essentially going back to the way they were before the 500-year period of Western hegemony. China and the Middle East constituted the ‘Civilized World’ before the 500-year period of Western hegemony. On the other hand, Europe represented “Barbarism” according to the Chinese, and according to Muslims, Europe represented “Dar ul-Harb,” which translates into “Land of War” in Arabic. Before the 500-year period of Western hegemony, China was the place where entrepreneurs and travelers would pay tribute to a Chinese emperor. In return for paying tribute to a Chinese emperor, entrepreneurs and travelers would have goods and wealth conferred upon them by the Chinese emperor. Whereas China was the epicenter for entrepreneurship, the Middle East was the cultural and educational epicenter of the world before the 500-year period of Western hegemony.

Moreover, the ‘Silk Road’ which Marco Polo traversed and is now being revived by China has Eastern origins. Marco Polo was an adviser to a Mongol Emir who seized the opportunity to explore the cultural riches of Asia and the Middle East when it was offered to him by the Mongol Emir. Thus, just as the East was a place for Western entrepreneurs and writers like Marco Polo to venture through in the past, the same scenario is beginning to develop in this day and age.

Henry Kissinger recounted the story of how British envoys and merchants were rebuffed by the Chinese because the British had nothing to offer to the Chinese in return for Chinese goods. Thus, the story of British envoys and merchants which Kissinger recounted is very much relevant today, in the sense that the U.S. economy is very much intertwined with China, but China is not reliant on the United States, whereas the United States is very much reliant on China in terms of keeping supply up and inflation down.

Thus, while Washington is busy getting caught up in the hunger games of Europe and Ukraine, China is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics and is reverting the international system back to the status quo which existed before 500 years of Western hegemony. China is thus very much proving that the 500 years of Western hegemony was merely an anomaly within the natural course of world history, which has now spanned about 300,000 years.

While Washington is busy getting caught up with the hunger games of Europe and Ukraine, the American mainstream media is busy eroding civic and intellectual life with its psychological warfare and sensationalism. Because of the way things are, an entrepreneur and writer with foresight and intuition would foresee and intuit that playing the “China Card” not just on a state level, but also on an individual and entrepreneurial level would be the right call. After all, history explains to a degree why things are the way they are at the moment. What counts is whether an individual heeds history’s lessons or not.

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