Poverty of Vision

There are a number of facets to the importance of education. But one of the most important facets of education is that it enables an individual to achieve social mobility in addition to enabling a person’s full functionality. Also, education enables an elevation out of what is otherwise a lowly eschatological state. To an extent, heaven and hell can be experienced here on earth, and what enables a person to escape an otherwise hellish state from a psychological and thus eschatological standpoint is education. I can attest to the link between education and one’s psychological and eschatological state from personal experience.

Perhaps the best investment a government and society can make is investment in its own people. And the best way a government or society can invest in its own people is by educating them and enabling their access to a good education. Arguably, much of the populist anger, fervor, and frustration in the United States stems from the social disparities between the “elite” class and the popular class, which are fostered largely by differences in education levels. And in turn, investment in people through educating people and thus lifting people out of poverty – with poverty having a number of different dimensions – is yet another factor in the ‘balance of power’ dynamic we are experiencing at the moment between China and the United States. People either buoy a government and society if there is adequate investment in people, or people can tear down a government and society if there is no investment in them, as evinced by January 6 and the Taliban.

Also, education – in addition to enabling a person’s full functionality and social mobility – enables a person to branch out their opportunities and possibilities around the world, as opposed to simply limiting a person’s focus and opportunities to one single locale and becoming dependent rather than independent. Thus, education fosters an entrepreneurial spirit based on courage and risk-taking, which in turn breaks a sense of dependence and reliance on others. I am almost certain that people would prefer to be their own boss rather than having to take abuse and orders from a boss or employer. And most importantly, education dispels and dissolves what Cornel West called “Poverty of Vision.” The prevailing notion in Washington that everything in the world is limited to liberal hegemony and Rothschild money stems from this “Poverty of Vision” to which Cornel West alluded. And as I have mentioned before, vision is everything in a person’s life, and one’s vision is enhanced and expanded through education.

Thus, education, experience, and travel are the fundamental aspects or dimensions in the enhancement and expansion of one’s vision, with vision being everything in a person’s life. Part of a holistic education is the ‘individuation process’ which I have mentioned on a number of occasions, with individuation involving the analysis of dreams and texts among other things. To a large extent, the breadth of one’s personal vision is intertwined with a person’s cosmological view and worldview, or weltanschauung. And in turn, one’s weltanschauung is largely intertwined with one’s discourse, with discourse equating to one’s chain of speech and thoughts stemming from an oeuvre.

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