Reality Check

Furthermore, the diseases, illnesses, negative energy, and phobias of Washington are interconnected with the ‘cancel culture’ and whitewashing of reality by the American mainstream. Reality – which equates to the totality of all things which exist – is too broad and complex to be limited to the cancellation and whitewashing of reality on the part of the American mainstream, and this blog is a living testament to this fact.

It is also worth noting that Americans consume and read more news and information than perhaps any other nation in the world. However, Americans are essentially misled and misinformed about the broader world by the American mainstream. And in turn, being lied to, misled, and misinformed about the broader world and about reality translates into the anger and frustration on the part of ordinary Americans which we have been seeing over the course of a number of years. Reality – which is now setting into the minds of ordinary Americans as a result of globalization and technology – does not match up to the meta-narrative and portrayal of reality which the American mainstream has been selling to the American public all this time.  

And as a result of this mismatch between reality on one hand and the meta-narrative and false portrayal of reality on the part of the American mainstream on the other hand, there is now widespread anger and frustration on the part of ordinary Americans. When ordinary Americans see through the internet and social media all the culture, art, food, and women around the world which the American elite and mainstream have been hoarding for themselves for all these years, the visceral reaction is anger and frustration.

But as I said, social mobility and self-actualization – which in turn leads to full functionality – stems from education. And in reality, the American elite and mainstream make it as hard as possible for ordinary Americans to receive a quality education. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are examples of how dirt-poor or ordinary people can be dramatically transformed as a result of education. But as someone who is self-educated in the manner by which Clinton and Obama were self-educated, I never needed to hold political office and absorb the toxicity of Washington in order to enjoy life the way Clinton and Obama enjoyed life when they became president. I have had the same Cuban ‘Fritas’ that Obama had in Miami, and I have had the same ‘Lobster Linguini’ that Clinton had in Georgetown, but without having to ethically and morally transgress.

Nor am I into the connoisseurship of women as Clinton and Obama were. I got all the connoisseurship out of my system in my late teens and twenties, and now I have a very specific taste when it comes to women. And I refuse to waver from my very specific taste, as my friends in London may have noticed. But most importantly, it is incredibly foolish to sell one’s book, oeuvre, and knowledge for short-lived and transient pleasures. Ultimately, everything in life is about tradeoffs, and the tradeoff between one’s book, oeuvre, and knowledge on one hand, and short-lived and transient pleasures on the other hand is not a tradeoff worth making in the long run.

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