The Iron Curtain

Thus, as my experience in the tenth grade with a short and fat world history teacher who was famous for devouring McDonald’s double cheeseburgers during after school study sessions for an AP test showed, there is a deep-seated envy and jealousy on the part of a number of so-called “educated” people in the West towards Islamic culture, heritage, and history, but particularly amongst Neocon-Zionists. Another Neocon-Zionist who was the Dean of American University’s School of International Service (SIS) while I was a grad student said that the topping of a de jure government in Libya was justified during a “Dean’s Discussion,” without giving any rational justification or logic for that sentiment. Thus, the Neocon-Zionist “experts” and “scholars” which we see throughout the United States do not base their arguments or positions on anything rational or logical. Everything these Neocon-Zionist “experts” and “scholars” do and say is based on a flimsy sentiment with no rational or logical basis whatsoever. Another thing worth nothing is that these Neocon-Zionist “experts” and “scholars” are passive and silent when it comes to violations of international rules and norms. Thus, their silence means complicity. Unless their silence changes into vocal condemnation, it means they are complicit in the violation of international rules and norms which have shifted the global balance of power in favor of China.

As a result, the disease and illness of Islamophobia – along with the disease and illness of Sinophobia and Russophobia – is undeniably virulent in Washington. These diseases and illnesses are then compounded by the blasphemous worship of liberal hegemony which in turn justifies ethical and moral transgressions on a global scale. The diseases and illnesses have gotten so bad in Washington, to the extent that lawmakers want to “punish” the ‘International Olympic Committee’ (IOC) for allowing China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. These lawmakers claim that the IOC should be “punished” for overlooking “human rights abuses” in Xinjiang. What these lawmakers overlook is that the crackdown in Xinjiang is a response to the CIA’s support for terrorist groups in Xinjiang who were launching suicide attacks and other violent attacks on the Chinese mainland. Also, these lawmakers should realize that if they weren’t so busy looting and warmongering all the time, then maybe they could have hosted the Winter Olympics instead of China. Plus, hosting a Winter Olympics in the midst of a pandemic requires complexity and sophistication, which is something that Washington lacks at the moment.

Russophobia is yet another disease and illness in Washington which is offset by the fact that Russia is sitting on somewhere between 75 to 80 trillion dollars’ worth of national wealth. Thus, Russia is not willing to give up that national wealth easily. Unless there is diplomatic engagement with Russia that is carried out in good faith on the part of the West which is then aimed at bringing Russia into a Western-led order that is actually eroding, then Russia will continue to assume that conflict with the West is inevitable. The assumption that conflict with the West is inevitable has been a deep-seated assumption in Russian state ideology for a very long time, and not without historical justification.

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