Theatre Europe

If there is one thing that has become clear as a result of the recent Russia-Ukraine tensions, it is that Tony Blinken has now become the foreign minister of Ukraine and is more interested in representing Ukrainian interests rather than representing American interests. Because of Ukraine, Russia and the West are very much on the brink of some sort of conflict. And in recent days, diplomacy has clearly failed between Russia and the West. In turn, the failure of diplomacy between Russia and the West has led to an escalation of tensions and the potential for conflict rather than détente and the de-escalation of tensions.

Much of why détente and the de-escalation of tensions through diplomacy have failed is because of mismanagement of the situation on the part of Washington. Tony Blinken’s paranoia and hysteria has translated into rhetoric which is not conducive to détente and de-escalation. Washington has been issuing one threat after another for an invasion that has not even happened, and Washington has now gone as far as considering amassing NATO troops along Russia’s western frontier. Thus, Washington is very much mismanaging the Russia-Ukraine situation – as it has mismanaged virtually every other issue it has faced over the course of the last year since Biden took office.

But after decades of Islamophobia, Sinophobia, as well as the corruption and transgressions in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Asia, the “chickens have come home to roost” for Brussels and Washington. As I mentioned before, while China hosts a complex and sophisticated event like the 2022 Winter Olympics – and while Qatar prepares to host the FIFA World Cup this year – Brussels and Washington are senselessly caught up with the hunger games of Russia and Ukraine. When brought into contrast with the situation in China at the moment, the situation in Europe demonstrates the pettiness of the minds in Brussels and Washington. The inability to resort to détente as well as the inability to de-escalate the situation through diplomacy demonstrates the ineptitude as well as the pettiness of the minds in Brussels and Washington.

Realistically, the only alternative to détente and the de-escalation of tensions through diplomacy is further escalation and potentially some sort of Russian military action against Ukraine. Moreover, talk of sanctions on the part of Brussels and Washington has been going on for decades, and it will not deter Russian political will when it comes to Russia’s defense of what it perceives as its basic national interests. Moreover, China is very much a cushion for Russia in the event of sanctions. Thus, the ineptitude and mismanagement of global affairs in Washington discounts the option of Washington playing the “China Card,” which in turn would put pressure on Russia to reconsider and perhaps change its strategic calculations towards the West.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, the core assumption of Russian state ideology has long been the assumption that conflict between Russia and the West is inevitable. Thus, this current situation does not come as a surprise to Russia, even though the hysteria and paranoia on the part of Tony Blinken and Washington suggests that this is some sort of surprise situation that should have never happened. But after decades of corruption, impudence, insolence, self-serving, as well as ethical and moral transgressions on a global scale, “the chickens have finally come home to roost” for Brussels and Washington. Plus, as Mark Twain said, even if history does not repeat itself, history certainly rhymes.

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