Dig Deeper

Also, the impulse to ban and even burn books in America – which in turn goes to show the scale of the ignorance and narrow-mindedness that exists in American society – explains to a certain extent why nowadays, America produces more chiropractic and back cracking videos on YouTube than quality research publications. Banning and burning books on the grassroots level in the United States is the corollary of censorship and suppression of global news sources on the mainstream level of the United States. In turn, China has now surpassed the United States in terms of the number of research publications that are produced periodically.

Thus, amidst the current socioeconomic and sociopolitical conditions in the United States, one has to dig really deep in order to acquire quality knowledge and quality information about the world and about broader reality. The diminution of quality in the United States is not just limited to books and research. Netflix goes to show how Hollywood is actually faring in contrast to movie and serial productions from places like Egypt and India. In reality, Iran – which is an award-winning international powerhouse in terms of movie, serial, and theatrical productions – is much more than just a punching bag and target for a bunch of sociopaths in Washington.

The impulse to ban books in America – and even the burning of books in America – is reminiscent of Nazi Germany when it banned and even burned books such as Freud’s books on psychoanalysis as well as others. In fact, I have seen an article online by an American male who doubted that the Freudian subconscious level of the mind even existed. As a result, an innovative and open-minded individual has no choice but to branch out to other parts of the world in order to network with like-minded individuals who aim to sustain any semblance of economic, political, and social progress.

Therefore, all of the money and energy that the United States spent towards going to Afghanistan and propping up a government there as an alternative to the Taliban was a mere waste, considering that there are ‘Talibanesque’ norms and practices that seem to be deeply entrenched here in the United States. Due to decades of elite and mainstream corruption – and perhaps even criminality – the question going forward is whether America will even be habitable and hospitable for innovative and open-minded individuals, given that the current state as well as the directionality of socioeconomic and sociopolitical trends suggest a downward spiral into backwardness and retrogression.

Moreover, there is reason to be concerned that the window of opportunity to prevent or thwart a downward spiral into socioeconomic and sociopolitical backwardness and retrogression has now closed or is closing very fast because of the populist forces which have arisen in the United States over the course of approximately the last decade. In turn, the expectation on the part of many people is that economic, political, and social turbulence and tumult will only increase over the course of the next few years before it decreases. Thus, over the course of the next few years, many people will have to simply brace themselves, buckle down, and ‘ride the wave’ per se.

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