Fortuna and Virtù

Thus, there are those in the system who conform to and are cognizant of the natural phenomenon or process known as “Creative Destruction” or “Schumpeter’s Gale.” And on the other hand, there are those who ignore or resist this natural phenomenon and process. But arguably, the ones who adjust and evolve as a result of this natural phenomenon and process are few in number, and they are not necessarily welcomed by others with open arms. As Machiavelli wrote in “The Prince”: “The innovator makes enemies of all those who prospered under the old order, and only lukewarm support is forthcoming from those who would prosper under the new.”

As a result, those of us who have adjusted and have evolved as a result of “Creative Destruction” and “Schumpeter’s Gale” and thus are part of the evolution and innovation in industries and sectors of the global “division of labor” such as government, academia, and journalism are not here to cozy up and pander to those who benefited from the way things were two or three decades ago. Nor do we expect to be welcomed with open arms from such individuals and groups, notwithstanding that many of us would never even be welcomed because of the biases and prejudices that exist in the system as a result of both race and religion. Thus, I am not hurt by CNN for having blocked my emails to a few of their correspondents in order to educate them out of generosity.

Plus, there is no energy and time to hobnob with crooked cronies and the status quo when one is consumed by the evolution and innovation that is resulting from these aforementioned natural phenomena and processes. But even though the innovator makes few or no friends in the system and the status quo, there are rewards for the entrepreneur and the innovator, as I have mentioned in previous blog posts. As Machiavelli wrote, there is “resemblance between Fortune and women” and it can be concluded that “it is the bold rather than the cautious man that will win and hold them both.”

Moreover, fortune and women are not limited to the rations handed out by special interests in Washington or to the prude and toxic women of the American mainstream. Globalization and technology have arguably expanded definitions and notions of “fortune.” And when it comes to networking and socializing with both males and females, the opportunities and possibilities have evolved and have expanded because of the aforementioned evolutions and innovations in the global economy as well as evolutions and innovations in the functions and operations of the “international community” or “international society.”

After suffering from the obfuscation and whitewashing of reality on the part of the American mainstream for years now, innovative and open-minded individuals in the United States can now branch out to other parts of the world in hopes of connecting with like-minded individuals. The purpose is to live a good life, not to get consumed by the anger and frustration which many in the United States are consumed by as a result of the obfuscation and whitewashing of reality over the course of many decades, if not centuries.  

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