Schumpeter’s Gale

“Creative Destruction” – otherwise known as “Schumpeter’s Gale” – was a concept and term coined by the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter in the 1940’s. There are a variety of ways to define “Creative Destruction,” and one of the best definitions I was able to find was from Carol M. Kopp, who defined “Creative Destruction” or “Schumpeter’s Gale” as “the dismantling of long-standing practices in order to make way for innovation” as well as “improved methods of production.” Moreover, “Creative Destruction” is a natural phenomenon and process of evolution and innovation which is evident in a number of industries and sectors, and it has become ever more evident over the course of the last couple of decades.

Thus, if “Creative Destruction” or “Schumpeter’s Gale” clearly applies to things such as the way we watch movies, cab rides, and retail, then “Creative Destruction” or “Schumpeter’s Gale” should also apply to government, academia, and journalism. There is no valid reason or justification for why government, academia, and journalism should be the exception to the rule or somehow above natural phenomena and processes, while other industries and sectors go through evolution and innovation.

In turn, “Creative Destruction” – or “Schumpeter’s Gale” – means that eventually, all industries and all sectors of the global “division of labor” have to undergo some sort of evolution or innovation. And as I mentioned before, government, academia, and journalism – which are industries and sectors that are undeniably part of the global “division of labor” – must also undergo the evolution and innovation which are part of “Creative Destruction” or “Schumpeter’s Gale.”

Thus, there are both “winners” and “losers” as a result of “Creative Destruction,” or “Schumpeter’s Gale.” Arguably, the coronavirus pandemic set into motion the evolution and innovation in government, academia, and journalism which previously these industries and sectors were trying to resist. Instead of adjusting to competition from a wide range of outlets from around the world, outlets like CNN and Fox News are trying to shield themselves from competition by censoring and blocking out the competition through regulation which is antithetical to the so-called “free-market” that is supposed to exist in the United States.

Arguably, this blog is part of the evolution and innovation which is currently ongoing in the government, academia, and journalism industries and sectors. Thus, other folks in these industries and sectors must overcome their laziness and inertia and adjust to a natural process or phenomenon that prompts both evolution and innovation. But as I mentioned before, instead of adjusting to a natural process or phenomenon and thus evolving and innovating, CNN and others in the American mainstream wish to censor or suppress the global competition so that they can continue in their obsolete and hackneyed ways.

Moreover, everything from diplomacy, military affairs, and intelligence work are affected by what is known as “Creative Destruction,” or “Schumpeter’s Gale.” People who want to keep their comfy and sinecure jobs in Washington are not necessarily immune to these natural phenomena and processes. Also, ivory tower intellectuals who are detached from realities on the ground – as well as armchair intellectuals – must adjust to these natural processes and phenomena. As Lao Tzu said, a real scholar does not seek luxury and comfort. To sum up all of these points: “Out with the old, and in with the new.”

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