“Too Vast For Partnership” (Rumi)

Will it be better for us when we dissolve into the ground, or worse? Let’s learn now what will happen.

This is lovers’ work, to break through and become the earth, to die before we die.

Do not think of somehow pairing up with God. That claim is a righteous self-indulgence.

You know it by the smell. Smoke coming off dried dung is different

from that coming from burning aloes wood.

The presence that one second is soil, then water, fire, smoke, warp, woof, a friend, a shame, modesty, is too vast and intimate for partnership.

Observers watch as presence takes thousands of forms. But inside your eyes, the presence does not brighten or dim. It just lives there.

A saint or a prophet, one like Muhammad, can see the trees of heaven, the fruit hanging so close

he could reach and pick one for his friend.

But it is not time for that. They melt and flow away from sight.

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