La bohème

Moreover, if Joe Biden were to shut Russia off from Europe, where would Europe get the supply of energy that it currently gets from Russia? In other words, how would Europe even replace the supply that it currently gets from Russia? Three countries alone – Russia, Iran, and Qatar – possess half of the world’s natural gas supply. Does Jared Bernstein or Janet Yellen have an answer for that question?

Also, in the post-Soviet era, Russia has shown a genuine interest in multiculturalism as well as basic respect for Islam, whereas Washington has fostered both Islamophobia and xenophobia in the United States due to wrong-headed policies. Russia’s president – Vladimir Putin – is believed to know six different languages and he is quite familiar with Western pop culture. Russia is home to about 150 different ethnic groups. There is the story of the medieval Russian emperor – who was also named Vladimir – who had a deep reverence for Islam and was on the verge of making Islam the state religion of Russia. It has been said that the only reason why the emperor Vladimir refused to make Islam the state religion of Russia was because he did not want to make fasting compulsory for his people. And even today, Vladimir Putin has built a strong rapport with the various Muslim communities in Russia, and he even sponsored the construction of Europe’s largest mosque, which opened in Moscow in 2015.

There are many folks who are complacent and “play it safe.” But there is nothing that kills the spirit and the mind more than complacency and “playing it safe.” Also, “playing it safe” means settling for what certain groups and individuals hand out to you as rations, which in turn fosters a sense of dependency on those rations. The same wind that carries a bird can carry us human beings as well, as long as we have the courage to embrace and trust it.

Moreover, if no one has fed me or helped me until now, then there is no reason to foster a sense of dependence on anyone at this stage of the game. There is also a growing reliance on the glitz and spectacle of advertising, marketing, and social media in this day and age. But in the end, all of it amounts to a mere spectacle with no substance to it whatsoever.

For instance, I tried using the combination of both a mailing list and social media to garner readers for my blog. I relied on the statistics generated by my blog host to see if a mailing list and social media were giving me the results I was looking for. While I was advertising and using social media, the statistics – which I must add are not entirely reliable and do not give the full picture of what is going on – showed that the all-time high views for one day were sixty-four. When I shut down social media, the all-time high views went to eighty-six. Finally, when I cut the mailing list from 150 email addresses to just twelve, the all-time high went from 86 to 106. Thus, quality is much more important than quantity, and by no means does advertising and social media enhance quality. I got the results I wanted by focusing solely on the quality of my content rather than advertising and social media. In fact, the best businesses and firms are the ones who do not have to advertise or use social media. While “thinking outside the box” is something that people encourage, it is easier said than done.

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