Hence, as Newton said, for every action or force there is an equal or opposite reaction and force. Chinese flyovers through Taiwanese airspace and Russian troop buildups along the Ukrainian border are reactions and forces which countervail the American neocon crusade that took place over the course of the last few decades. Also, annexation, the eviction of Palestinians from their homes, the blockade of an entire population for no apparent reason, the eating away at the Arab heart and soul through both overt and subtle means, and the subtle removal of the Al Jazeera English tab from one’s YouTube feed are all threats to the international community.

Moreover, if these things can happen to unarmed and vulnerable Palestinians, it can happen to anyone. And in fact, it did at the beginning of the 21st century in my own neighborhood here in Northern Virginia. Thus, as mentioned before, “silence is violence,” because silence enables this type of aggression and behavior. And arguably, highlighting these abuses and violations of international law has more of a sting than holding these abusers accountable through a court of law, given that the abusers will go above and beyond to avoid accountability for their abuses.

In turn, the freedom and space to breathe and to speak freely is becoming more and more restricted by the day due to the continued efforts to whitewash reality on the part of the liberal mainstream. The internet and social media largely offset the restrictions imposed through mainstream discourse. But there is still an insistence on “regulation,” which can equate to censorship and suppression depending on where the calls for regulation come from. Thus, freedom and space in the public sphere have largely become appropriated and monopolized by liberal discourse, similar to the manner by which Nazi discourse pushed its notion of “Lebensraum” on the rest of the European populace. Why I chose to highlight liberal discourse over conservative or religious discourse is because liberal discourse is in a position of power, and it is through this position of power that all other socioeconomic and sociopolitical conditions are shaped. This discourse expects everyone else to take what is handed to them through this discourse, nothing more and nothing less.

Also, the suspicious look and the bulging of the eyes that a liberal gives you when you try to engage with them in a rational and friendly conversation is yet another cause of irritation and frustration on the part of those who are on the receiving end of such passive aggression. Money is the only reason why anyone would absorb the negative energy and psychological abuse of such discourse. The only other reason why someone would take the negative energy and psychological abuse is sex. Why Linda Thomas-Greenfield or Lloyd Austin take part in the mimicry and towing of the line can be explained only by either money or lust. But lust and sex get boring and futile after a while, and the spiritual void that is created by lust is then filled with anger and frustration. Hence, education and therapy is the name of the game, especially as the world goes through a transition from a modern age to a postmodern age which compels a change in both mindset and lifestyle.

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