White Rage

In sum, liberal discourse is very much a discourse of power, and power amounts to control. For instance, liberal handouts and the “Patriot Act” are pretexts for control. And in addition to serving as a gigantic echo chamber, liberal appropriation and monopolization of both discursive space and physical space – thus, both the classical and modern manifestations of Lebensraum in this day and age – stem from a sense of racial superiority. Thus, international affairs culminate and come down to liberal arrogance and hubris.

Discriminatory and ridiculous house pricing in places like North Miami Beach and elsewhere, or for instance “Homeowners Association” (HOA) decision-making and leadership structures in suburban neighborhoods are all modern and subtle manifestations of Lebensraum. Unruly airline passengers and internet “Karens” are all byproducts and manifestations of a modern and subtle form of Lebensraum. It is that plain and simple, and if anything, the recent shopping mall fight in New Jersey made it as clear as daylight. And ultimately, the acceptance of such notions of racial superiority – which in turn underpin virtually every other socioeconomic and sociopolitical issue – fundamentally contradicts and is mutually exclusive from adherence to basic morals and principles such as fairness and justice.

Thus, the major surprise is when a person of color “makes it” without handouts or acceptance from the mainstream, despite the deck being stacked against them. Europe lauds its “values.” But one would be remiss to ignore or dismiss the pain felt as an American taxpayer when Germany looted the ‘World Bank’ in the name of ‘Afghanistan Reconstruction.’ Thus, Europe is just as discredited – if not more discredited – than the neocons who set into motion these charades. Also, if one were to remove European sanctions from places like Russia and elsewhere, the line between “brute” and “sophisticated” would blur. And despite the talk of “values,” Europe has yet to come out of the feudal superstructures which predate the modern period. Furthermore, the politicking and warmongering on the European continent which is taking place before our eyes at this very moment and has yet to abate essentially disqualifies any claim of racial superiority on the part of those with European origins.

Why Ukraine has to warrant more attention and a greater sense of indignation than Afghanistan or Myanmar also stems from a sense of racial superiority as well as the underlying notion or assumption held for a number of centuries that Europe and people of European origin are somehow the center of the universe. Any challenge to that underlying notion or assumption of international affairs will cause a ruckus or will warrant censorship and suppression on the part of the liberal mainstream.

As mentioned before, politics equates to “applied physics.” Thus, I brought up Newton in the previous essay because an attempt to control reality means there will be a backlash as dictated by natural law. The basic principle of human nature is freedom, not control of reality or succumbing to the wagging of Danny Danon’s finger on our mobile screens. Thus, until Jonathan Greenblatt addresses the effects of the “Patriot Act” on Muslim communities or Zionist apartheid policies, he cannot claim to have repented.

Ironically, a sense of racial superiority coincides with cultural backwardness. ‘Simon the Fraudster’ on Netflix – or ‘Shimon the Fraudster’ – is not the aberration or anomaly. Rather, ‘Simon the Fraudster’ is the prototype and norm. Readers should also watch the documentary titled “Unorthodox” on Netflix to realize the backdrop of cultural backwardness amidst a sense of racial superiority. In turn, a sense of racial superiority can explain why Washington excuses itself from the ‘Rome Treaty’ while others are expected to comply with international law.

Because political discourse amounts to an art, there is an aesthetic element or principle behind writing through such a discourse, namely, ‘content over form and contemplation over immersion.’ Beauty is said to be “the vessel for the fire.” Thus, without the fire, the vessel is worthless. In addition to the aesthetic element of political discourse, there is the ‘balance of power’ element and the element of taste as mentioned on a number of occasions. None of these elements favor liberal discourse, and all of these elements are beginning to turn on liberal discourse. As China said, we were not around when the rules of the game were being made. Nor has there been much regard for the rules of the game by the people who made them or are benefitting from them. Thus, the status quo amounts to complacency, and complacency cannot be deemed fair or just in a world that is constantly changing and evolving.

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