Full Circle

In sum, criticism and deconstruction of Israel’s approach towards Palestinians and the broader Middle East is no longer a bohemian or hippie fad. Nor can Zionism continue to effectively sling accusations of “antisemitism” in order to discredit those who critique and deconstruct Israel’s approach towards Arabs and the broader Middle East. Rather, the criticism and deconstruction of Israel has broadened over the course of the last couple of decades, to the extent that Amnesty International released a detailed report on February 1st of this year which concluded that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians amounts to systematic “oppression” and “domination” and “apartheid.” The conclusion of the report by Amnesty International states:

“The totality of the regime of laws, policies and practices described in this report demonstrates that Israel has established and maintained an institutionalized regime of oppression and domination of the Palestinian population for the benefit of Jewish Israelis – a system of apartheid – wherever it has exercised control over Palestinians’ lives since 1948. The report concludes that the State of Israel considers and treats Palestinians as an inferior non-Jewish racial group. The segregation is conducted in a systematic and highly institutionalized manner through laws, policies and practices, all of which are intended to prevent Palestinians from claiming and enjoying equal rights with Jewish Israelis within the territory of Israel and within the OPT, and thus are intended to oppress and dominate the Palestinian people. This has been complemented by a legal regime that controls (by negating) the rights of Palestinian refugees residing outside Israel and the OPT to return to their homes.”

In turn, Washington denied the conclusion of this report. But the denial of this report by Washington is just one part of a broader denial of reality, which in turn has significant implications for its meta-narrative of reality. In general, Washington’s toolkit of maintaining its meta-narrative of reality consists of three elements. For one, it consists of stoking wars in order to decimate foreign countries. Second, the toolkit consists of supporting corrupt regimes in order to weaken foreign countries. And third, the toolkit includes egregious sanctions.

However, as of late, American-style populism has preoccupied Washington and has taken Washington’s focus off the stoking of wars to a large extent. “Let’s Go Brandon” and the retirement of a number of Democrat representatives in Congress en masse are just two indicators of Washington’s thought process. Also, corrupt regimes backed by Washington are beginning to fall gradually, as demonstrated by Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tunisia, and a number of regimes in West Africa over the span of approximately one year. And to top it all off, China will offset Western sanctions to a large extent given that it has risen as a parallel pole to the United States. Plus, sanctions will only exacerbate the phenomena of inflation and shortages which are now afflicting America and Europe.

Thus, Washington’s meta-narrative of reality is flailing, and as a result, things have come ‘full circle’ for Washington in the manner by which things came full circle for Europe shortly before the midpoint of the 20th century in the sense that the focal point of international affairs is now European tensions after decades of focus on the ‘Third World.’ Hence, as in the case of Europe at around the midpoint of the 20th century, the outcome of European tensions will coincide with a transformation of socioeconomic and sociopolitical conditions in the United States to a certain extent, either for better or for worse. As they say: “The past is prologue.”

However, no one can be certain as to how these conditions will evolve or transform. Plus, with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell, no one can be cheerful or optimistic about Washington’s prospects. Joe Biden is the embodiment, metaphor, and physical manifestation of the deterioration and decline of socioeconomic and sociopolitical conditions. And the answer to the question of whether the deterioration and decline serve as the segue for resurrection and rebirth is something we must await for in due time.

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