In the previous essay, I mentioned how there were three major tools in Washington’s toolkit which are used to control and shape Washington’s meta-narrative of reality, namely, the stoking of wars to destroy foreign countries, the propping up of corrupt regimes in order to weaken societies, and egregious sanctions. But there is also a fourth tool which is perhaps equally weighty – if not weightier – than the other tools, and that is the censorship and suppression of information. However, this tool is also being offset by novel developments, namely, the internet and social media. But censorship and information are directed more towards Islam than any other issue in the United States, and there are socioeconomic and sociopolitical factors which go into such a strategy. As the Persian Poet Ferdowsi wrote: “If Islam comes, everything will fall apart. Races will mix together. Every valueless slave could become king.”

And as Noam Chomsky said: “Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.” Thus, the U.S. mainstream media is resolute and disciplined in the censorship and suppression of any information which would make a dent in Washington’s meta-narrative of reality, the heart of which is to discredit Islam more than anything else.

Moreover, the U.S. mainstream puts a complete veil over findings from other news outlets, such as the one from the BBC which showed that there is systematic abuse and neglect of Jewish women who seek to attend the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Women are kicked and shooed away at the Western Wall for seeking to pray and sit there. Neither is there any mention of the once Orthodox Jewish woman who ended up marrying an Italian businessman who then wrote a book about her miseries when she was immersed in her native culture. Just yesterday, the search engine flooded with false ads and junk in order to bury and suppress Amnesty International’s report on apartheid policies and practices in Israel. Similar flooding took place to bury and suppress information about negative migration rates to Israel. The censorship and suppression continue to go up a notch. It began with the subtle removal of Al Jazeera from people’s YouTube feeds and has now evolved into actually altering the content of search engine results. And this is what Washington supports with money and weaponry.

Optical illusions and statistics are also part of the strategy to overwhelm inquisitive minds and to deter rational inquiry. CNN obscures its hollow content with optical illusions and statistics. As the saying goes: “There are lies, more lies, and then there are statistics.” But the “Ace in the hole” for Zionism is black magic. In turn, black magic symbols and statues can be found hidden in plain sight in Israel. The history of black magic goes as far back as Babylon and the Solomonic period. In fact, Solomon himself was subject to Jewish black magic, but his immersion into books and book reading warded off much of its effects. Donning the “Seal of Solomon” – which is engraved on the ring on my right hand – also helps in warding off the effects of such black magic practices.

Nevertheless, books and prayer are the two main remedies for black magic practices. Modern-day “Bibliotherapy” is an imitation or replication of the prophetic practice of book reading in antiquity which Solomon practiced. The same remedies apply to the effects of the “Evil Eye,” which is something that is accepted by a range of cultures throughout the world. To an extent, the around-the-clock repentance at the Western Wall is an attempt to offset the calamities and doom brought on by the history of black magic practices as well as other corrupt practices. Yet, the repentance is combined with a prayer that the “Universal Man” who is promised by both Jewish and Islamic prophecy never appears on earth. Hearing these things for the first time would make them hard to believe. But as is the case with any other truth, it takes some time for these crude and hard truths to sink in.

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